FEARLESS™ Painting And Some Other Stuff


This weekend I FEARLESS™ painted up the kazoo!

Yes, that’s right.  Up the kazoo.

Yin (detail)

And this FEARLESS™ Painting that I titled Yin was quite a learning experience for me.  But I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow–promise.

But..I did kick the video camera on as I painted her so you can watch as she evolves and appears–almost like magic!  And the video footage of the pretty landscape was from the trip I took to Watson Lake in Prescott, AZ with Hansel on his birthday.

Yin (detail)

Plus, I got to tell you—BIG still has a few spaces available.  We officially begin the adventure on Sunday, August 7th–but I’ll be opening up the site this Sunday–so everyone can view the videos and discussions I have posted to help prepare you for the BIG adventure!  I can’t wait for this tribe to get a rollin! If you’re interested in learning more hop on over HERE–and if you have any questions feel free to email me at DirtyFootprints@yahoo.com.

After this Tribe I will only be offering BIG one more time in 2011 in October.
Oh…and very last thing…I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for all the love and joy that you shared with me when I launched the new Dirty Footprints Studio last week.  I realized that I forgot to say thanks–it totally made starting this new chapter so much more meaningful to have so much support.  I love all of you!! Thank you a million ga zillion!

Now here’s a little FEARLESS™ Painting fun….

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