Staying In The Flow As A Blondie!


Yesterday I went from red head to blonde.  Just like that!  Snappity snap!

And from what you can’t tell in this photo is that I basically got a mohawk for a hair cut.  The tippity top of my head and the front is long locks—while the sides and back is super short–almost shaved.  It’s one of the most daring do’s I’ve ever done….and maybe today I’ll shoot some photos of it with my Big Girl Camera so you can see.

It’s funny–because when it comes to clothes and fashion–I’m pretty simple and mundane.  I wear a lot of black.  But when it comes to my hair–I’m willing to live it up a little!

Always have been.

I adore the woman who cuts my hair. I admire her because not only does she do the wildest greatest hair-do’s….she is a really cool business owner.  She runs a very small (only 2 stylists) but very cutting edge salon that caters to a certain kind of client–and she thrives at it. People come from all over the country to sit in her chair.

And yesterday we talked about how she became a business. What her journey was like.  How her experiences doing what she loved under other people never felt quite right–and each time she thought she’d get the situation that was going to work–something was always telling her inside to leave.  Eventually it kept pointing her to opening up her own place and voila.

I’ve been officially self employed for a teeny tiny bit over a year now–and my work has been fully on-line.

If you knew me personally–you might wonder how the heck  this is possible.

More than anything I miss being with people.  Like real people in the flesh.

Sure, most of the time when I’m “working” I go to coffee shops around town (that I affectionately call my satellite offices) and have the opportunity to converse in real time with others.  But that’s not what I’m driving at here.

I miss working with people.  Being there with them as they make their way through the creative process–as we both learn and discover together.  That’s what I miss the most—and the one thing my current position does not provide me enough with.

You see, listening to my stylist talk was a bit of an oracle.  I too feel the same way about things.  Every job I’ve seemed to have was trying to be a better situation for me than the last one–and in each job it would feel good at first–than I started to feel that I needed to move in a new direction further.  Eventually I went fully on my own–and this has been the one thing that resonates with me the most ever.

But the same is happening now.

Except now, I’m not looking for another job–I’m actually declaring to the universe what I’m ready to embrace next.  And on top of that–I’m putting in the elbow grease to make it happen–because the law of attraction will only meet you half way.

Hansel and I have made some big decisions and moves in moving forward on building Dirty Footprints Studio in Costa Rica.  But this is still going to take time and some red tape here in the US that needs to be taken care of in regards to immigration.  Our goal is to have it all up and running by 2013.

But until than–another year fully on the computer is going to kill my spark.  I can tell already that it’s eating away at my excitement for things.

So I’m changing that.

Energy follows attention–always.

And my attention is now on creating more opportunities for me to connect with others in person sharing FEARLESS™ Painting but still be self employed.  And once I decided this, and was clear about it–things have already started presenting themselves to me so beautifully.

I guess why I share this with you is that our lives–our careers–our businesses–even our creativity is like hair.  You totally can change color, styles, heck you can go from short hair to long dreads if you wish.  And yes–truthfully, it’s not something that really can happen snappity snap–there has to be a bit of bravery and trust behind such moves.  And yes, maybe not every hair style is going to feel that great or even look that attractive.

But with time it grows—you grow–and that’s part of staying fully in the flow.  And once again I come back to the reason why I’m doing all of this in the first place–to stay in the flow-and inspires others to do so as well.

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