Come Visit SFMOMA With Me!! (Part 1)


Like I promised…here are some of my photos from my visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this past Monday–with the fabulous Tracie Hanson!  First–we had to wait in a mucho long line that stretched down the street.

The sign posted on the column says it all…dontcha think!!

Our mission was to check out the Gertrude Stein collection–which was a special exhibition–meaning we had to purchase timed tickets to enter the show.  Another thing about this exhibition is that they didn’t permit photos of the artwork–so the only photos I got to take were of my brief visit through the 20th century gallery.  Which is always my favorite gallery of any art museum–and this one was definitely filled with some juicy jewels–that I’m happy to share here with you.

But as for the AMAZINGLY AWESOME Stein collection–you’ll just have to go try to see it yourself–and I totally recommend it–especially if you love Picasso, Matisse, and all those crazy Parisian Avant-Gardes of long ago!

Diego Rivera of course and a view details….

This is my favorite detail—I love, love, loved Diego’s brushstrokes and palette he used to create the flowers in the basket.  So  much of this painting is so solid and strong–but those flowers.  Pure softness and heart dipped through his brushstrokes.  I was swooning at the beauty of it all.

And those hands! I love, love, FREAKING LOVE those hands.  They are sweet–and something so delicious about those earthy brown hands against that creamy white clothing.  Ahhh…gorgeous.

And hanging sweetly next to the Diego Rivera painting is dear Frida Kahlo, of course. It tugged at Tracie and my heart how Frida depicted herself so much smaller than Diego….in my book I love both painters tremendously–but oh Frida–you were FEARLESS™ to the core.  FEARLESS™ for sure.

Georgia O’Keeffe.  Do I need to say more?

But I will…you know what I loved the most about this painting?  The tiny bit of green she implements through it–it really caught my eye and drew me in.  Just that tiny bit of green.

Georgia really shows us the power behind simplicity and looking at subtlety.

I hate when I can’t remember who painted what.  But I can’t remember who painted this painting for the life of me!! But–I do dig this painting so much.  I love how the more you look at it–the more it reveals itself to you.  Plus, it flows–it dances–and it does it all so silently.


I wanted to kiss make-out with this painting.  That’s how much I was lusting after it.  I mean, c’mon–look at those juicy, delicious, fabulous colors–the lines–the movement–the joy-the gusto–the freaking awesomeness that makes this painting.  If only you could see it in person–the paint is thick and full of texture and ahhh……total love at first site.  That’s all I got to say.

Love at first site.

And here’s the funny thing–as I stood there wanting to tangle my body into it–a man was standing next to me with two other woman defending why he hates this painting so much.

That’s art for ya!  That’s why I love art so much as well!

And…if you’re wondering…the artist was Richard Diebenkorn.

Like I wasn’t love struck enough…I turn the corner into another gallery and there…standing so proud and full of immense incredible beauty was the Robert Rauschenberg painting: Collection.  I have seen this painting a million times in art history books–and I think I have seen it before 10 years ago on my last visit to SFMOMA…but that’s what I love about art as well–as you grow and transform–so does your relationship to different pieces of art.

This painting has a way of digging deep into my soul.  I want to lay into it–to become one with it.  I want to feel it with my hands and let it sink into my way of life.

I love it.  That kind of love that’s just simply difficult to explain why.  I’ll throw some details at you–and maybe you’ll understand what I’m saying–without me struggling to say it.

For those of you that call yourself a Mixed Media Artist–be sure to dive into Robert Rauschenberg–research him–he was mixed media-ing it way before it had the official name of mixed media.  Look at all those layers–and things he throws onto the painting.  So gorgeous.

LOVE it!

There’s more….but let’s take a breather.  Maybe throw some paint around on our own canvas or paper.

Meet me back here later–will finish our visit together!

BIG Hugs!

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