When I Forget


Sometime at the beginning of this year I asked the Universe to bring music back in my life.

I just wrote a simple request in my journal, and then let it go.
Forgot about it even,
And went on with my day.

Sometime at the beginning of the year I picked up my guitar again.

I’d strum it’s strings and play the few songs I could remember.

And Hansel would comment how pretty it sounded.

But then I would put it back into the case, and forget about it.

But sometimes, you’re just not ready.
You can want what you want–and it can even be sitting there
At the tip of your fingers.

But it won’t mean a thing–
Till your heart is open to receive.
Till your soul has soften and tidied up the living room.
Till the stars have aligned themselves just perfectly.

And you have forgotten
that you even wanted it
in the first place.

That’s when the Universe likes to deliver
her greatest gifts.

Just so you know…the lovely Jenn at Roots of She launched her first e-course today!

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Plus–go check out my column on the Wish Studio today HERE too!

I tell ya a funny story about my guitar actually.

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