Wowsers!! What A Week It’s Been!


Hansel took this photo of me the morning after I arrived home from Kirtan Camp! I’m glowing, I know!

So this whole week has been quite the challenge.  Ever since I got back from my wonderful, blissful, soul-shaking time at the Jai Uttal Kirtan Camp–I’ve been trying to get back into my usual routine–trying to pick up where I left off.

But things aren’t the same.
I’m not the same.

I feel like I grew in some of the greatest leaps and bounds of my life–and I look forward to finding my words (hopefully) to express my experience and share it with you in the upcoming weeks.

Though, I am happy to share with you some goodies today….


First–thank you to everyone that participated and that is still working their way through my free online workshop: Total Alignment.  I’m happy to announce that it is finally all settled and all together on it’s own little home page HERE on Dirty Footprints Studio.  Feel free to come back again and again when needed to align yourself with creative source and to get your FEARLESS™ Painting on!  Plus–be sure to share and witness all the goodness happening in the Total Alignment Flickr Group as well.

To tell you the truth–I’m so happy that more people are painting FEARLESS™ and letting their beautiful hearts radiate and shine!!!  That makes me worlds and worlds of happy!


Second, tomorrow I am “finally” announcing my newest series of FEARLESS™ Painting intensive workshops called: Inner Breath.  This series of workshops has been brewing in my heart and mind for months and months now–and I am finally ready to release it to the world and guide others to getting in touch with their Inner Breath and breathing fire and love into their FEARLESS™ Painting Practice and Creative Juicy Life!!! I can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow–and–of course, if you are one of my newsletter lovey doves–you’ll get a special discount!

But I will tell you that Inner Breath is going to be an on-going series of workshops that will each focus on and explore one specific topic related to FEARLESS™ Painting! Ok…I’m so excited…but I’ll wait till tomorrow to tell you more!


Counting today, there is a total of 47 DAYS until my Total Alignment Retreat in Sedona!!!!!!!

(No, I’m not excited.
Not one bit!!!!)

And–I recently opened one more space for a beloved FEARLESS™ Painter to step up and claim!!  So far there are 12 other amazing ladies also counting down the days till we are sharing space, hiking the red rocks, and painting FEARLESS™ like mad in Sedona this Thursday, September 29th through Sunday, October 2nd.  If you are even the tiniest interested go HERE to check out more information–and if you need a payment plan, email me HERE and let’s try to make this happen for you!!

Plus, soon I will be announcing a slew of more Total Alignment Retreats happening in 2012!  I can’t wait!  I just look forward to meeting more of my FEARLESS™ Painters in person!  That idea just makes my heart swoon and sway!


Today started Week #2 of my seventh tribe of BIG.  Seventh tribe–seven being a very auspicious and fabulously symbolic number–and these ladies are certainly living up to it already.  I love this part of BIG–where everyone is excited and a bit scared as well–but the courage and support between FEARLESS™ Painters is always incredible and inspiring!  I plan to be sharing a bit of their fabulousness along the way–stay tuned!! And–there is only one more tribe of BIG happening in 2011 starting October 9th.  You’re welcome to register early HERE and if you want a payment plan to insure that you can definitely join this Autumn Tribe–email me–I’ll hook you up!


I know there’s more goodness…but I’m totally drawing a blank!

I hope each of you are enjoying your weekend–and I look forward to sharing my journey with you this week!

BIG Hugs!! BIG Love!!

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