A Letter To Myself


Dear Connie,

Let’s be honest.

Lately you’ve been feeling super crappy.

I know.  You’re in a constant state of nausea, your mind is a tad bit foggy, you break into hot flashes at yoga, and saying that you’re always exhausted is a bit of an understatement.  And I know, this is really hard for you–because you’re not feeling yourself and you’re getting so far behind on everything.  Emails, blogging, workshops, keeping everything in order, etc. etc.  I know, I know, I know–you’re always so good at doing what you do–but now, you feel like you’re slipping.  You feel like you’re losing ground.  And yes, I know you’re worried.  You’re worried that all of what you’ve worked so hard on with Dirty Footprints Studio is going to fall apart.

Don’t be silly Connie.  Ok?  Just stop it.

First, worrying takes you out of total alignment with Creative Source and most importantly–it’s not good for the baby.

And listen, your readers will understand.  Most of them are mothers themselves–mothers that you’ve always admired and wondered how the hell do they do it all.

And you know what Connie–you’re gonna be fine.  You’re gonna be better than fine.  You’re gonna thrive–and have so much fun–and feel more blessed than you ever have in your whole entire Creative Juicy Life.

But now, you just need to take care of you.  Listen to your body.  Surrender to you body.  It knows what to do–so let it.  Rest when it asks you to–eat when it says you’re hungry–and keep sipping that delicious peppermint  tea. You’ll be through this first trimester stuff in a jiffy–and have more energy again.  Promise.

And until then, let me take care of things.  Ok?  That’s what I’m here for in the first place.

BIG Hugs,
Your Higher Self

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