My Favorite Part Of BIG


It feels like every week of BIG I say that this week is my favorite.

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter Melanie.

But, ok, I have to admit–I think the last two weeks are my absolute favorites!

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter Heidi.

Because that’s when the major transformation occurs.

That’s when the ladies of BIG officially become FEARLESS™ Painters.

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter Jill.

They look fear in the face–and the large white paper–and just do it!

They simply paint FEARLESS™!

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter Morning Dove.

And lives change.  Perspectives change.

Just like that.

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter Corina.

The work you see here is from my 7th Tribe of FEARLESS™ Painters to journey through BIG together.

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter Briana.

This is the week I always feel so in awe–so impressed–so excited for each of my FEARLESS™ Painters!  And I just try not to focus on that it’s the end of this leg of the FEARLESS™ Adventures!!  Only the beginning!

My next and last Tribe of FEARLESS™ Painters for BIG this year will start on October 9th.  This is the perfect time to register now–there are still some spaces left!  And to make it easier you can register with a payment plan–half now and half by Saturday, October 1st!

To learn more about BIG go HERE–and to register with a payment plan EMAIL Me!

I look forward to painting FEARLESS™ with you!!!

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