This, Right Now

I really want to be inspiring.

Or write about something else other than nausea.

But the truth is…this, right now, is all I got.  This, and a couple hokey pokey pencil drawings and some saltines!

I’ve even gotten so desperate that I wear those Sea sick bands on my wrists.

I’ll try anything.

(I think I’ve actually tried everything.)

And well, all I can do is this, right now.

And my mind tries to logically “figure this” all out.  My mind tries to reason with me–my body.  My 22 hour morning sickness.  It tries to negotiate and persuade and even tries to ignore.

But it’s fruitless.

Because the truth is, change is never pleasant.  There is always an ounce of discomfort, uneasiness, and I guess nausea.

It’s there to remind us to wake up.  Take notice.  Slow down.  Be present.

It’s there to remind us that there is only this,
right now.

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