The Way

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For about ten years now, doing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain, has been one of my dreams–one of my items on my “bucket list”.  I’ve read quite a few books on it–browsed for hours on blogs done by pilgrims of the trail–and always have had it in the back of my mind–that one day, I too, will make this pilgrimage.

I first learned about it when I, myself, made my own pilgrimage–backpacking through Italy by myself.  I met other fellow backpackers who told me about their journey with the Camino de Santiago–and I’ve been enchanted ever since.

So, imagine my excitement when I heard this weekend that a movie was made about it: The Way–starring Martin Sheen and directed by his (other, less troubled) son: Emilo Estevez.

Hansel and I, on a total whim, went yesterday to see it–and it’s been heavy on my heart and mind ever since. I can not recommend it enough–so worth every penny of seeing it in a theater.

And, without giving away too much, Martin Sheen’s character unexpectedly and unplanned for–journey’s the Camino de Santiago–and it’s such a beautiful story of life and sorrow and mourning and new beginnings and letting go and trust and friendship and so much more.  But I was in tears the whole way through.

The whole way through.

Not just because the Camino is one of my life’s dreams as well, or that the breathtaking scenery of this movie moved me, but because, in some subtle, powerful way I could relate to this man’s journey–of an unexpected turn–a twist in the road–and the discovery and sacred breath of truth that is there waiting to be embraced once we let go–and surrender to what is.

To what is life.

To what is completely out of our control–
completely, 100%, perfectly structured and designed–
for our development of our one beautiful soul.

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