Dreams Within


I just love that tree that lives near Cathedral Rock in Sedona.

It’s the same tree that I painted under on the Summer Solstice
the same tree my FEARLESS™ Painters and I sat by at Total Alignment too.

And last week I saw her again.  This time Winter has played its part and her leaves have vanished from her branches.  She stood there bare, naked, vulnerable to the elements.

And I simply stood there compassionately staring at her.

Winter has this way of doing this to us, doesn’t it?  Or maybe it’s just Life sometimes.

There are periods when the foliage that clothes our soul is released and falls from our own strong branches.  We’re left feeling bare, naked, and vulnerable to the world.

But deep within the grain of the tree each precious bud begins to grow.

While deep within our own hearts, our dreams are already germinating.
They’re just waiting for the right time to arrive.
Waiting for Spring to return again.

And it will.

It will.
It will.
It will.

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