Spreading Some Cheer With A FREE Chance To Win!


Today I feel like spreading a little cheer.

I don’t know about you–but it’s grey and the sun is hiding–and well, we could all use a little goodness on a Sunday!

So–if you haven’t heard Amanda Fall from Persistent Green (who is a rockin’ Artist–I actually own one of her handmade books) started producing and self-publishing this cool little online mag called SPROUT.

And today her third issue comes out titled BOLDNESS–that she so kindly asked lil’ ol’ me to be a part of. But not just me–there are also some really juicy contributions in there by ladies such as the amazing HEATHER PLETT & even the wild and wonderful FLORA BOWLEY.

So…you need to read this 60 page magazine of yumminess…it will make your Sunday so much shinier!

That’s why, even though I got my own free contributor copy–I’ve decided to go ahead and purchase 2 more at the super cheap price of $6 each–just so I can give them away here on Dirty Footprints Studio.


But here’s the even funner part (is funner a word?!)…..I am only picking ONE WINNER—that one winner wins both issues—one for you–and one for you to give away on your blog and spread some more sunny cheer this January.

Sound great?

Here’s the kicker–I’m only having this give-away last for today.  Tomorrow I choose a winner.  So we need to get the word out fast!

All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment below and check back tomorrow night (Pacific Standard Time) to see if you won!

And why not be generous too and spread the word?!?  Believe me…it feels so good to do so!

Good luck Loveys!!  Let’s spread some cheer—and if you want—run on over HERE to purchase your own issue of Sprout for $6!!! It’s juicy!



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