What Is Making Me Really REALLY Happy!


Today, Andrea, my absolute bestie in the whole wide world is flying in to stay the week with me!! We got road trips planned, good eatin ahead of us, and tons of catch up-fun-girl time!!! I haven’t seen my dear friend for over a year and this is her first time visiting me since Hansel and I moved to the desert 6 years ago!! I’ve been so excited for Andrea to come that I’ve been barely able to sleep!

Above is a silly video we both threw together after Creative Dig–which was Dirty Footprint Studio’s first workshop I hosted in 2009!  Can you see why I can’t wait till she gets here?!?!

Speaking of in-person workshops and retreats—my second annual Sedona FEARLESS™ Painting Retreat: TOTAL ALIGNMENT “officially” goes on sale this Monday.  I say “officially” because it’s been on a private FEARLESS™ Painter Pre-Sale since my birthday…..and well, there is only one space left!!!  IT TOTALLY SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally can’t believe it!  Well….yes I can!

Like all of my FEARLESS™ Painting workshops–I keep registration small.  TOTAL ALIGNMENT is limited to 12 FEARLESS™ Painters and the coolest part is that nine of those FEARLESS™ Painters who already signed up actually came last year too!! TOTAL ALIGNMENT was so amazing–so transformative–so life changing that they have to come again!!!  One of my painters is even making her second trip to TOTAL ALIGNMENT all the way from the Netherlands!!!!  You can check out photos from our amazing time together HERE!!

I was planning on hosting two TOTAL ALIGNMENT’s this year–but little Gummi made a change of plans!  Count on 2 TOTAL ALIGNMENTS in 2013!! I already have the dates set!

But maybe you’ll be the lucky last FEARLESS™ Painter to grab that spot this Monday!!!

Ok…I’m telling ya….like the New Year couldn’t get any better–BIG is totally sold out as well!!  I can’t wait till Sunday, January 15th when I get to lead the first of my 2012 FEARLESS™ Painting Tribes through BIG!!! This makes me happier than happy!!! I love to witness the transformation and empowerment that happens every time FEARLESS™ Painters give themselves over to the FEARLESS™ Painting Process!

And if you got a  yearning to dive into FEARLESS™ Painting heart first this year you’ll have to join me when the next Tribe begins the Adventure this March 11th!  I hope to see you then!

Plus, have you heard the exciting news yet?!?!

21 SECRETS went on sale this week!!!

I’m so proud of this group of amazing teachers that make up 21 SECRETS this year–and already we have close to 300 Art Journal Lovelies signed up!! Not only is it gonna be a playground–it’s gonna be a full blown PARTY!!!

Annnnd…Miss Dion Dior is still hosting a FREE 21 SECRETS registration give-away on her blog HERE.  Run on over and enter!!! Even if you purchased your registration already–how nice would it be to give one away to a dear friend!!!

Annnnnnd…I just heard the news that if you purchase 21 SECRETS through Miss Gina Rossi Armfield all this week–she’ll also throw in one of her personal online workshops for FREE!!! Now that’s an amazing deal!!  Jump on over HERE to check it out!

Annnnd…..Tracie Hanson just released the coolest trailer EVER for her 21 SECRETS workshop: JournalQuest.  You have to run over HERE like right now to see it!! I can’t wait to take her class myself! This makes me happy!

I’m also excited because this week I jumped right into the new online workshop Alma Stoller (who also will be teaching at 21 SECRETS 2012) is hosting—it’s called STITCHED.

What many of you might not know about me is that I know how to sew. Actually–more than just know how to sew–when I was in college I received a partial scholarship to get myself through school–which required me to work in the costume department of the theater!!  Then, for three years I worked as a costume designer/wardrobe assistant for the off-Broadway production of Tony & Tina’s Wedding.

Yeppers–to tell the truth–my Mom is actually a master seamstress and I grew up wearing clothes she made and learning how to sew.  But…ever since my costume/wardrobe working days–I haven’t sewed barely a button.

Time to change that!!

I just absolutely ADORE Alma Stoller–so I couldn’t wait to be a part of this workshop–my first attempt back at sewing is going to be the baby quilt class!! You should come over and join us! Dale Annne Potter–another 21 SECRETS teacher is there teaching too!

What makes me over the moon and way past Jupiter happy too is that I received a total surprise in the mail this week! My dear friend Sandy sent me Christine Mason Miller’s new book: DESIRE TO INSPIRE!!! How freaking awesome and sweet is that?!? So this baby has been what I’ve been snuggling up with every night before bed–and I’ve just love love love it so far!!! Have you gotten a copy yet?!?

Oh yeah…Christine is one of the 21 SECRETS teachers too!! You see why I’m so proud!?!?!

Plus, if you haven’t seen this amazing installation in Australia yet–you have to check it out. At least online HERE!  This makes me happy beyond words!!! I wish I could go experience it for myeslf–heck, I wish I could have a party and be a part of something like this!!

This is the kind of Art that makes me very happy!

Annnd….my dear friend and fellow FEARLESS™ Painter: Lisa Wilson is hosting a very cool online FREE meditation/awareness project called THE WILD ELEPHANT PROJECT.  I’ve already signed up myself! It starts on Monday!

Who couldn’t use a little more stillness in their life?  Go HERE to check it out…and if you haven’t already seen it—a very EXCELLENT article called THE JOY OF QUIET was published online in the New York Times recently.  It certainly is a must read.

And last…the thing that makes me the happiest of all time HAPPY is that this week I went to the Baby Doctor and was told that everything is going A-Ok with Gummi!!! I sure can’t wait to meet him soon!!


Have a beautiful weekend!

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