Love Should Be The Juice


When you begin to thank life for having your buttons pushed,

you are at the next level.

~ Mooji



Last week, at my live online chat for BIG, an interesting topic evolved from our discussion.  One that I feel strongly about and believe is a quality of an outstanding teacher….and that has to do with rules.


In BIG I have one main rule–a rule, that I have to admit, many of my FEARLESS® Painters wiggle around or sometimes purely ignore.  That one main rule is that you are not permitted to paint over your painting while you are in BIG.


If you make a mistake–it is an opportunity for you to move in a new direction.


If you don’t like something–it is an opportunity for you to find ease and space around the things that are uncomfortable–to look at your painting through a new lens.


To expand.


To grow.


To become FEARLESS® in embracing the here and now–the who you are completely.


(Now can you see why my FEARLESS® Painters wiggle around this rule–or bluntly ignore it?)


I have lovingly and mindfully put this one little rule in place for the overall development of my FEARLESS® Painters.


The purpose behind BIG is not to paint a pretty picture.  The internet is flooded with online classes that will guide you in doing that.


The purpose behind BIG is to help you cultivate FEARLESS® confidence in your own voice.  In your own purpose.  In your own creative being.


Contrary to what many people believe, for that to happen, there needs to be rules established that will create an environment where the FEARLESS® Painter comes up against themselves.  Where their buttons are pushed.  Where there is struggle even.


Many times people associate creativity with a total free for all, or spiritual transformation with a seamless gooey ooey feeling.


But let’s look at our own lives?  When did you ever make huge leaps and bounds in your own development as a person because everything in your life was going smooth sailing?


We grow from the rough patches–from the things that challenge us.


An outstanding teacher will purposely and lovingly create those rough patches for their students so they can grow.


Believe me, this is a huge undertaking for a teacher to do.  That is why it is crucial that your complete heart must be fully invested in your student’s development if your rules are going to work.  And you yourself must be clear in what your rules are for.  Because sometimes your students will resist–will be angry–or even leave.


But an outstanding teacher knows not to back down.  Their tantrums or negative reactions to your rules are not because the teacher has failed, but rather because the student is not ready to receive.


The only remedy I have to resolve that–is to simply love them more.


Love should be the juice behind every rule you make.




Five spaces remain in IGNITE.


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