I’m Done With Fixing


I love the desert in which I live.
I love the way it goes through the four seasons with such subtlety.
You have to really look close–not just feel the temperature.

Much like the language of our heart.
We can’t just feel the emotion–we have to look deeper at what is being communicated.

Intuition.  Innate wisdom.
Our truth.

Lately, I’ve been in the greatest of awe of the landscape of my heart.
How wide and vast it truly is.
I feel like I’ve been broken open
and then broken open again
And the light of everything good is shining inside me.

I made a decision yesterday, as I drove through the desert with my little one.

I decided that I no longer need fixing.
That there is no better version of me that I can achieve.

I do no good to anyone
(including myself)
if I think I’m less than perfect
right here-
right now.

I only offend my Creator
when I keep striving for a better tomorrow.

And rob myself of truly living
if I think my destiny is out there waiting for my arrival.

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