A Forty Day Retreat


In six weeks October will arrive.

For me October will be both an anticipated beginning and a bittersweet end.

I have the great honor this October to
hold sacred space for 12 women in Sedona at my Total Alignment retreat
guide committed FEARLESS Painters through DEEP
and to begin the 10 month journey of leading an amazing circle of women through my first FEARLESS Painting Teacher Training Program: IGNITE.

I feel it is a new beginning because each of these offerings will be coming from a new place in my heart–a new dedication and commitment to my spiritual path and the Souls I am blessed to serve.

But it is also a beautiful ending as I have decided to release and let go of certain big things
to create more space for new light to shine and expand into.  (I will share more of that later.)

For the next forty days I am taking a retreat.

I am venturing into the great deep woods of my own heart–
And leaving the online cityscape behind for awhile.

I am doing this to cleanse my energy,
connect to my Creative Source,
and to open my heart with an even deeper trust.

I do this for me, my family, and for the amazing women I am honored to serve.
I do this with Love.

See you at the end of September.

Blessings.  Blessings.  Blessings.

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