Dirty Footprints Studio Is Growing Up


All of a sudden Dirty Footprints Studio is growing up.

This past weekend I had an amazing jam session with my new Creative Assistant Tracie!  There were mind maps and brainstorming and smoothies and wine.  There were negotiations and contracts and serious plans–all things, that at one time, I found myself to have a lot of resistance with.

But now I see how it’s all just energy.

Focused.  Clear.  Ripe.
Channels for making things happen.

And most of all, I see that dreams are not for solitary adventuring.

At the heart of it all, dreams are about expansion.
About manifesting opportunities
That everyone can shine their greatness in.

That’s how it happens, I see.

At least that’s how it’s beginning to happen to me.

That’s how this big dream of mine is becoming a new reality.

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