Something BIG Is Happening


As part of embracing the new in my life–I have been transforming the ways I want to offer FEARLESS® Painting to others as well.  I want to make it more accessible while at the same time make more space in my own life so I can create new offerings.  So one of the big, BIG decisions I have made is to evolve my online workshop BIG into a self guided workshop!!

This is huge for me!  After three years–and 12 tribes, this was not an easy decision–but one in my heart I feel very excited about!

When BIG is re-released on Monday, February 25th you can receive a downloadable PDF that contains all the videos and instructional, inspirational content–plus you will receive free membership to the private FEARLESS Painting group on Facebook! Already there is a beautiful tribe of women there that share their FEARLESS Painting, creative juicy lives, and most especially the hearts–so even if you are doing a self guided adventure–you still don’t have to do it alone!!

Plus, to celebrate this new evolution of BIG a pretty sweet pre-sale discount is happening now until Monday, February 18!!! So please jump on over HERE to learn more!!


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