Total Alignment Creative Women’s Circle

Dear FEARLESS Painters,

I am about to head on out for a visit to Cleveland, Ohio–my hometown where I was born, raised, and lived most of my life.  Seven years ago, wanting to start a new life and the desire to escape the snow, Hansel and I sold almost all our possessions and took a road trip across the beautiful USofA to live in Phoenix, Arizona–it has been quite the journey ever since and I’m excited to go back for a visit.

But the thing is, Cleveland seems to be making the news headlines quite often lately–and it absolutely breaks my heart to witness how much violence towards women is surfacing from the shadows.  I feel I can’t just visit Cleveland.  I want to  bring some healing love and creative vibes to offer to this wounded city I love so much.

So, I would love for you to bring your own special magic to this gesture as well by joining me on Saturday, August 3, 2013 at 8:30 AM for a Total Alignment Creative Women’s Circle.  The intention of this circle is to release fear, worry, and pain by using our creative practice, the collective wisdom of sisterhood, and the trusted medicine of  Mother Nature to transform it into love, light, and healing.

I am keeping this circle very casual–meaning you need to bring what art supplies and project you wish to work on, something to sit on such as a lawn chair, a cushion, or a blanket, and something to drink or eat.

We will begin at 8:30AM outside in a private location near Lake Erie.  I will facilitate the circle incorporating time for sharing, creating, and communing with Nature.  This circle is only open to women and please keep the little ones at home.

Plus, our circle will go till around noonish, which then we will break for lunch at my favorite Cleveland restaurant and then head on over to the Lakewood Art Festival!. You are welcome to join us for all the activities or just joining the circle is beautiful as well.

Last, there is a suggested donation of $35 for this Total Alignment Creative Women’s Circle.  You are welcome to pay what feels right in your heart (more, less, or nothing at all)–no questions asked.  Within 48 hours of receiving your donation I will email you more information on where we will meet!

Suggested Donation: $35

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I hope to see you there!

BIG Hugs,


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