C’mon Universe


Dear Universe,

Next time this year I’d like to look out my window every morning and see green instead of concrete, hear birds instead of the highway, and watch my little boy fill all of his senses with the medicine that is your splendor.  Heck, I want to join him in those morning escapades through your rugged paths and as we hold our breath tip-toeing across creeks and laughing wildly when the sun peeks through the tall trees.

You know it’s no secret that I’m done with city dwelling.

I’m ready to try my hand at gardening and maybe own a couple chickens too.

I want my life to echo the speed of flowers blooming and my feet to always be dirty.

C’mon Universe, you know I’ll treat my life with the same greatest of reverence and care as I do now, so let’s just find a way to work together so my family and I can escape the buzzing traffic, lifeless architecture, and stale energy of this city that has served us so generously.

I promise we’ll be stewards of the land you bless us with.  We’ll saturate our home in love and gratitude and christen it as a place of service to one-another and others.

And I’ll find away, I promise you, to build a little sanctuary out back.  Just a little place where Souls can gather to paint and  children constantly run through dancing and singing across the bamboo floor.

I’m going to be audacious and honest and just say I’m done with all this dreaming.  C’mon dear Universe, show me the way and I promise I’ll follow you completely.

With The Greatest Of Love (& Patience),

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