Say Hello To Effy Wild & Erin Faith Allen!


From now until April 1st, every Friday here at Dirty Footprints Studio I will be introducing a few of the amazing teachers that are part of 21 SECRETS Spring which releases on April 1st as the first ever 21 SECRETS eBook!  Last week I introduced you to Ardith Goodwin and DeAnne Olguin Williamson HERE.

Today I am excited to spotlight Artists Effy Wild and Erin Faith Allen…..

Whenever I see glitter I think of Effy Wild.  The two are like salt & pepper, peanut butter & jelly,  or in my case peanut butter & chocolate!  Effy Wild, with her trail of glitter and paint splatters, was in the first 21 SECRETS way back in 2010.  Since then it’s been a pleasure to witness Effy become truly confidant in her Artist skin and celebrated as a beloved teacher.  What I admire most about Effy is that she shows up again and again no matter what life throws at her and she uses the paintbrush and art journal to process through it faithfully.  Because of her strength to persevere and transform hardship into beauty, it’s no wonder she’ll be teaching a course she affectionately calls Effy’s Sweet Trash Art Journal.

To learn more about Effy you can visit her website HERE.  To read her 21 SECRETS bio go HERE.

The first time I saw Erin Faith Allen’s art work I was certain she was the reincarnation of the late Feminist Artist Eva Hesse.  Erin’s art invokes the same sensitivity, rawness, and feminine truth that Eva Hesse naturally expressed and very few Artists have possessed ever since.  I can spend hours just staring at Erin’s art journal pages for it seems each line, each drip of paint, each delicate brushstroke is intended to spiral you deeper into your sacred self.  Plus, what I simply adore about Erin is her devotion to bringing women together in sacred circles all over the world.  When Erin is not busy creating in her studio or pouring her heart over her daughter Poppy, she is busy gathering spirited creatives to her Call Of The Wild Soul Retreats.   It is such an honor to have her bring her magic and gentle soul to 21 SECRETS Spring in Art Journaling The High Priestess.

To learn more about Erin you can visit her website HERE.  To read her 21 SECRETS bio go HERE.

As of today we only have ten spaces left at the discounted price of $89.

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Please join me next Friday when I introduce Galia Alena & Jane Cunningham.

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