Full Moon Offering


The framed photo is of a woman doing tree pose somewhere on the Pacific Coast of my beloved Costa Rica.  A dear friend gave it to me as a gift, years ago.  Truth be told, it usually sits near my altar, never on it.  But today, I dusted her off and gave her a home.  She’s there as water energy — letting go, letting go, letting go.

The painting is mine of course.  Obviously, she’s fire.  She’s focus.  Discipline.  Determination. But let me tell you — she’s softness all at the same time. Yes, softness, softness, softness.

That rattle you see in the front was made by my sweet friend Chris Zydel.  She takes front stage and invokes the energy of air and music and healing sound. She’s there to remind me to listen, listen, listen.

Those bowls?  Well I made them out of self drying clay about a month or so ago.  They’re not finished yet, and I’m not keen on the idea that they’re made out of phony bologna clay.  But my hands needed something to sink into. My fingers longed for communion.  They now hold court, unfinished and raw.  Representing earth energy, yes.  But most of all as a prayer for empty space, space, space.

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