Release The Light

The last apartment we lived in before here was a hot mess.  We had neighbors fighting next to us all the time, a leaky ceiling, landlords that went into foreclosure and didn’t give a damn to tell us, and a young college student was stabbed on our front door stoop while we were at work one afternoon.  Needless to say, that was our final push to leave, and we moved to suburbia seeking a bit of peace and quiet and hopefully a homicide free landscape.  We’ve been here for seven years now and these walls have stories to tell.  They’ve seen things that I’m still trying to process and I’ll be honest, I think that’s why I hate living here sometimes.  I don’t want to look at it anymore.  I’ve washed the walls, scrubbed the floors, and rearranged the furniture in a million different configurations but I can still hear the whispering of things I haven’t let go of yet.  I’m so ready to move in just a couple months.  But I know that there is still healing needed to happen here — if only I could get myself to look.  This photo was the beginning of that healing.  My intention was to release the light that’s still hidden behind the darkness.
I am exploring photography & vulnerability for 10 days
with the artist Henry Lohmeyer in Wide Open.
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