21 SECRETS Conversations with Faith Evans-Sills


One of the main reasons why I collect these artist journey stories in my 21 SECRETS Conversations series is because I love hearing how artists find their path.  But every now and then an artist shows up knowing from a very young age that being an artist is what they were born to do and they ruthlessly follow their instinct.  Even still, their journey is peppered with challenges, set-backs, and insecurities that in hindsight have simply lead them deeper on their path.

Faith Evans-Sills is an artist that always knew she was destined to be both an artist and a mother. She met her talented husband in art school and together they have built a family and a creative life that compliments each other beautifully.

Though, what is truly touching about Faith is how she has tenderly woven both motherhood and art together, calling herself a Douala for creativity.

Plus, Faith’s creativity is not limited to paint alone, making natural mandalas is another one of her passions and she has fused her love of painting and mandalas together in her workshop Layered Painted Mandalas in 21 SECRETS Fall 2015 that is available now!

To learn more about Faith please visit her website HERE.

If you are new to 21 SECRETS Conversations you can check out the archives HERE.

Enjoy our sweet conversation…

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