21 SECRETS Conversations with Lesley Riley


What do I see out in the world that really excites me?

This one simple question has fueled an amazing career and life for today’s 21 SECRETS Conversations guest: Lesley Riley.

Arriving at the point where most of her to-do’s about life had been checked off and accomplished, Lesley sat down and took inventory of her life and found that fabric, photos, and quotes was her common catalyst for joy and curiosity.

So wisely (and bravely) Lesley set out to embrace these elements wholeheartedly through her creativity and as you’ll hear more of in today’s episode, the Universe rose to meet her with fresh opportunities, awe-inspiring possibilities, and loads of creativity!

You are not going to want to miss today’s chat — it will inspire you to just do it!

To learn more about Lesley and the magic she spreads visit her website HERE and you can also learn from Lesley in 21 SECRETS Fall 2015 in her workshop: A Word of Art.

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Are you new here to 21 SECRETS Conversations?  Then be sure to check out the archives HERE — I’ve interviewed close to 100 artists already asking them each “what has your journey as an artist been like?”. These interviews make the best company in the studio!

Now I hope you enjoy our chat!

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