Making Snowbirds With Phoenix


Last week I shared with you how Phoenix has been all about sculptures! sculptures! sculptures! and we have been busy making land art because of it.

So one of the things we did recently as a family is drive up to Sedona to play in the snow!

Sedona1 Sedona2Sedona3Sedona4

As you probably already know, I LOOOOVE Sedona with all my heart — and seeing her decked out in her winter gown is extra special.

I’m happy to share with you a few photos from our visit and of course Phoenix wouldn’t let us leave without making a snow sculpture.


We didn’t start out with intentions to make a snowbird — it just kind of happened that way!

But you got to admit — that tuft of pine on the top sure makes it sweet — and if you are from Arizona I bet you get the humor behind us making a snowbird!  (But don’t ask me why the only photo I got of Phoenix and his snowbird is with his eyes close?! He still looks adorable!)


Anyways, the snow is great — but I’m definitely happy to be back home in more warmer weather!

Be sure to stop by next Friday for more Making Art With Phoenix — we’ll be bringing his love of sculpture in doors!

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