IGNITE Artist Spotlight :: Susan Nicolai

My current IGNITE Online Intensive has a circle of the most awesome women from all over the world.
What I love the most is that each of the women possess their own unique creative expression that we work on identifying, strengthening, and transforming into meaningful programs and sustainable businesses.
IGNITE is not one of those cookie cutter programs — you won’t leave peddling my process and in competition with all of the others that completed the program with you.
Instead, in IGNITE you’ll leave with the deep knowing of who you are as an artist, what creative medicine you are here to share, and how to communicate it powerfully to those that will need it most — in other words, you’ll own the monopoly on being you.

susanToday I want to introduce you to Susan Nicolai of IGNITE 2016.

Through IGNITE 2016 Susan has really discovered her voice as both a digital storyteller and videographer while fine tuning those mad photography skills she has (Susan created the photo at the top of this post!)! It has been such an incredible honor and  joy to witness and support Susan’s journey as she really steps into her Truth as an artist and leader.
Susan has even begun supporting other artists through her newest collaborative project based off her Art Godmother series and she’s been pouring her heart into a series of inspiring, uplifting studio conversations vlogs  to keep us artists on track and focused.  Check her out — you’re gonna love her!
Susan was so kind to create one of her magical videos about her experience in IGNITE 2016 as well as give you a peek at some of the AH-MAZING art work she created from our time together as well! Go on — hit play!
[vc_video link=’https://youtu.be/Z3UKJwWr0eg’]

ignite_online_intensive-largeRegistration for IGNITE 2017 is now open and limited to 16 heart guided artists.

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