It’s Here! 21 SECRETS emBODY is Out!


21 SECRETS emBODY was suppose to come out this Monday — but why wait?

I decided to launch this amazing, soulful workshop out into the world this morning!

That means you can CLICK HERE to purchase 21 SECRETS emBODY and be slapping paint around with talented teachers such as Kara Bullock, Olga Furman, Tiare Smith, and many more in just a matter of moments.


Plus I am excited like a coot to finally be sharing my imPERFECT workshop with you!

This one is deep as well as fun.

In imPERFECT I guide you on painting your body from the inside out — so we expect things to be exaggerated, wonky, imPERFECT.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

And I can’t believe that tomorrow, Sunday, is the last day of the #21emBODY painting challenge!

And I know! I know! I’ve fallen a bit behind of posting my paintings here on the blog — I’m going to catch up on that real soon.

But until then, simply CLICK HERE to take a peek at the beautiful #21emBODY collective happening over at Instagram and know that you can use this painting challenge any time that feels juicy to you.

I have to admit that focusing on the body and connecting it to my creative practice really was powerful —  I know this is just the beginning of something.

So, let’s get painting.  Come join me in 21 SECRETS emBODY!!

Happy Painting!


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