Early Bird Registration For Painting The Feminine Is Open!


In 2013 I started Painting The Feminine (and it hasn’t ended yet)!

One night I picked up the brush and promised myself that I would paint every day around this concept of Feminine Wisdom for 30 days straight.

It was pretty intense.

But what fueled this expedition was all the excitement and interest this practice stirred up from other women as I shared my journey openly on Dirty Footprints Studio.

Because you see, Painting The Feminine is NOT about painting pretty faces and cutesy little girls.

Painting The Feminine is about providing our Feminine Wisdom an opportunity to narrate it’s existence through paint — no holds barred, no limitations, all Truth, Color, Honesty, and Commitment.

And Commitment is the key ingredient to Painting The Feminine.

In this four week eCourse I show up in your inbox everyday encouraging you and supporting you in crafting a daily painting practice that will nourish you, make you dig deep, and feed other areas of your life as well.

Plus, in true Feminine manner, we do all of this in community.

Painting The Feminine is you + me + a circle of kindreds for a whole delicious month — sharing visual stories, inspiring one another, and raising Feminine Wisdom together like a circle of wild women!!!

Painting The Feminine is about your unique painting practice.

Each week we’ll commit to working in our art journal and pull out a fresh canvas on the weekends. You’ll end Painting The Feminine with a body of work that is exquisitely yours and a visual language that stems from your own Feminine Wisdom.

Come join me!!! This is the last time I’ll be offering Painting The Feminine in this format — next year I’m shaking things up and raising the price too.

And so gosh!! I wish you could see me in person — I’m all giddy like a cupcake!

Because not only does registration for Painting The Feminine open today but for all you early birds that register before midnight this Friday you can save a juicy $20!

The journey begins Monday, September 11th.

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