New Moon Video :: Saguaro (Final Episode)

New Moon Saguaro

Today is another New Moon and that means another New Moon Painting Video from me and my husband Hansel and I must tell you that this Painting Video is a very special one…because it is our last one in the series.

Hansel and I began the New Moon Painting Video series in June of this year to both honor and celebrate our beloved state of Arizona before we pack up and move to Costa Rica in June 2018.

Costa Rica is the beautiful country where Hansel was born and raised and a place where both of us have dreamt living together as a family for almost two decades now.

This dream was conceived the very first time we ever travelled there together as a young couple in the early 2000s. Since then it has morphed, laid dormant, shape shifted, and was resurrected again in 2016 when everything in our hearts was telling us “now’s the time, now’s the time, now’s the time”

Though, through the past six months our New Moon Video collaboration has shown us something else that has been patiently waiting to catch our attention.

After filming each New Moon Video Hansel and I would experience great grief by the thought of leaving Arizona. What once seemed like the adventure of a lifetime, started to feel more and more heavy with each video we created.

It finally hit us that yes, we love Costa Rica with all our hearts and it is very special to us, but we love it here in Arizona even more. We love the desert. We love our friends and community. We love Phoenix’s school. We even love how backwards and goofy things about this state can be as well.

It’s our home.

And so, just like that — a dream we have been chasing for years became our greatest guide to discovering what is truly important to us. That all we have been dreaming of has been here with us all the time.

Letting go of this big, big dream of ours felt like softly landing into a fluffy down bedspread, where the blanket itself rises up around you to cradle you in and keep you warm and safe. In just these short few weeks since we’ve made our decision to stay in Arizona, life here where we live has felt more robust and opportunities and blessings have been pouring our way like raw honey.

I personally feel reborn.

But what I find most interesting of all, is that I am experiencing no grief around letting this dream go. Because it was the dream itself that lead me on a journey to discover who I am, what I really have, and how beautiful the life Hansel and I have created truly is.

It also taught Hansel and I how to work together as a creative team. So even though we will no longer be creating New Moon Painting Videos, Hansel and I are thrilled to have found our rhythm and have already started working on a series of new videos called: Make More Art that will be released starting January 1st!

I am also excited to share with you that 21 SECRETS is NOT ending!!!!!

I was absolutely blown away by all the emails and snail mail I received when I announced this year that 21 SECRETS Tell Your Story would be the last 21 SECRETS.

So many artists wrote me to express how 21 SECRETS has impacted their lives and how important it is to their own creative practice that I realized that there is noway I can end this program. There are way too many creative hearts that depend on it and honestly, I love it tremendously too.

Though in 2018 I will only be offering 21 SECRETS once — in the Fall. In 2019 we will go back to offering it twice a year.

My reason for offering 21 SECRETS only once in 2018 is because my heart is absolutely yearning to do more teaching.

I am finally teaching my beloved FEARLESS® Painting Process in two brand new 6-week online eCourses starting first with DEEP that will begin April 30th, then BIG in August.

In 2018 I will also be hosting Painting The Feminine in the Spring and Fall as well as going back to Oaxaca. Mexico for two more Paint FEARLESS Mexico retreats in November! Registration for those retreats will go on sale in January.

Seriously, you have no idea how excited I am for 2018!! We are going to make more art together!! You + I. Pinky promise!

Please CLICK HERE to view my teaching schedule for 2018 and 2019 — and let me know if you have any questions.

Now….for our last New Moon Video we return appropriately to the desert landscape that is in our own back yard…..our home!

You can watch it now by clicking the video below — enjoy!

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Plus be sure to stop by my Instagram Feed on Monday, December 18th to enter to win a free painting sketch I created right before filming our final New Moon Painting Video.

All you’ll need to do to enter to win is “like” the photo with the sketch that will be posted on Monday and follow my feed.

The winner will be chosen randomly in the evening on Wednesday, December 20th. Best wishes!

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