#21DaysInMyArtWorld :: Inspiration

Oaxaca Love

This January I’m playing along in Tara Leaver’s #21DaysInMyArtWorld challenge over on Instagram.  And just for fun I’m posting my photos and musings here on the blog as well. Today’s prompt is: Inspiration.

CLICK HERE to check out the series so far!

You guessed it — my inspiration lately is totally Oaxaca, Mexico. Most especially the woodblock print posters you see plastered around like the beautiful pieces here.

I left Oaxaca in November with a complete yearning to sketch in B&W and one of the first things I did when I got home was purchase some linoleum blocks so I could transform my sketches into prints. (I shared a peek at those sketches RIGHT HERE!)

It’s not woodblock, but one day I’m going to learn that!

Ok. So enough yakking about it already. Time to start carving — right!?!?!

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