Elderly | 9/101

9. Elderly

After a little break in Mexico and a bout with the flu, I’m back to sharing my 101 Word Paintings again. ⠀

For those of you that don’t know, in January I started a series of 101 paintings where each time I finish a piece I pull out my old dictionary and randomly choose a word that I then glue down. It’s been wildly revealing and so much fun — like pulling an oracle card!⠀⠀

But social media is a strange bird, in the fact that you can create a gap between what looks like reality and what really is. Right now, in the studio, I’m on piece #52 — but this piece will be the 9th one I share publicly. ⠀

Now that I’m past the halfway point I’m really feeling like these paintings need to be held in a book form when I’m all done. That’s why, my lovelies, I’m going to keep sharing the actual pieces here and over on Instagram, but I’m going to keep my musing to a minimum as I save that for the pages of a book these paintings are longing to fill.⠀

I don’t know what the details of this book will look like — if it will be an actual book or just a PDF. But I do know that this series has become something that needs to be digested in ways that social media doesn’t support. I want to show the magic of how each word, each brushstroke, each line, shape, and form are all weaving a story together and social media with it’s scrolling approach just doesn’t honor that. ⠀

With that said, I’m excited to get this ball rolling again with word painting #9: Elderly.

Thanks for all the love and support around this series already — I appreciate it to Jupiter and back.⠀

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