When In Mexico…


Before leaving to teach Paint FEARLESS Mexico in Oaxaca, I packed up all my materials and supplies I need to keep my 101 Word Painting series going strong and healthy. Though, the closer I got to Mexico, the stronger I felt the pull to create another body of work dedicated to my experience here.

Yesterday, as Lisa Sonora and I headed out to the Frida Kahlo paint store we popped into a paper store where I happened to find the most loveliest of Fabriano paper.  It’s Ivory colored and with the softest of tooth.  It almost feels like velvet — if velvet could feel like paper. And the fact that it was singing “Connie! Connie! Paint on us! Connie!” didn’t help matters either!

But that’s all it took. My decision was made.  I purchased 11 gorgeous pieces, took a taxi back to the studio, and started hanging those babies up pronto.  Now I’m ready to start that Oaxaca body of work.

I still may work on my 101 Word Paintings while I’m here.  Or I may not.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter.  What you don’t know is that yesterday I posted #8 in the series, but the secret is that I’m already on #34 in real time.  I actually started this project at the beginning of January, even though I just started sharing them last week.  (Aren’t I clever!)

That means, the 101 Word Paintings are not going anywhere.  I’m just taking a slight detour in sharing them until I’m back in the States.  I can’t miss out in harnessing the magic that is Oaxaca.

Plus, I’ll try to post a little here on my blog as the week unfolds, but your best bet is to follow along over on my Instagram feed! I’ll see you there!


(Photo credit:  Lisa Sonora.)

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