Need Inspiration? Here’s 11 FREE Workshops!


Yesterday, under a powerful full moon, the seventh session of my beloved IGNITE Artist Empowerment & Leadership program came to a close.

Together we sat in circle one last time and laughed, cried, and shared stories on how this year long journey together transformed our hearts, creative practice, and lives.

Today I am proud and excited to share with you the IGNITE Spotlight: a FREE downloadable eBook containing eleven mini-workshops created with great love by the graduates of IGNITE.

What I love most about this IGNITE Spotlight is the diversity of topics and approaches to tapping into one’s creativity. There are no cookie cutter artists in IGNITE.

In the IGNITE Spotlight you will receive inspiration and instruction on:

  • How to make art on the go.
  • A powerful map to connecting with the spirit of where you live.
  • Ways to tap into your quiet heartspace to make art.
  • Permission to scream & shout your feelings while playing with layers.
  • Integrating art & joy in your life in bite size pieces.
  • How to create a daily creative practice that helps you process the day.
  • Getting started with live video.
  • How to choose the perfect altered book & what to do next!
  • Using painting to deal with stress, obstacles & frustrations.
  • The magic of creating backgrounds.
  • Foundations for developing your photographic eye.

There is something for everyone in the IGNITE Spotlight, so download your free copy today and jump in.

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