Announcing The 21 SECRETS 2019 Editions

21 SECRETS 2019 Collage

Today I’m thrilled to announce the 21 SECRETS 2019 editions you can expect to be rolling your way this year!

Plus our 21 SECRETS Summer Studio was such a huge hit last year that we’re doing it again this year but with brand new themes, teachers, and a brand new opportunity to fill your Summer with some mixed media fun!!

I and my beloved 21 SECRETS team hope that you will find these editions as exciting as we do and consider joining us.  Below is a brief description of each edition along with the dates of when they go on sale and come out — make sure to mark your calendar and sign up for my newsletter HERE to be the first in line when registration opens.

As always, we at 21 SECRETS know how busy and robust life is, so each edition comes with life-time access to all the inspiring instructional videos and content — that means everything is yours to keep and return to again-and-again for years to come!

Now here’s what’s coming your way in 2019…

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21 SECRETS Face Time

Early Bird Registration: February 27 -March 1
Comes Out: April 1

There is little more gripping than to see another human face. A face created in a work of art is something we can hardly turn away from before taking in the expression and message the eyes in the face are offering. So it only makes sense that as artists, we often look to the creation of a face to speak for us, what we are feeling and long to have “heard” by another.

21 SECRETS Face Time will feature twenty one art instructors who have unlocked the mysteries behind creating beautifully-expressive faces. You will learn traditional basics alongside sometimes-unorthodox techniques for completing faces in your art journal work, even if you’ve been intimidated by drawing a face in the past.

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21 SECRETS Summer Studio: Playful Experiments

Early Bird Registration: June 5-7
Runs Live: July 8-19

In this 10-day Summer Studio session, we will embrace a whimsical lightness in our art journals through Playful Experiments! This series of workshops gives us full permission to approach art making as we did when we were children—unafraid to play with new materials and fully trusting in our own imagination. Among many other things, the 11 talented instructors are eager to share with you the joy of a happy accident, the surprises that come from tapping into your intuition and the ease of creating with things already lying around your house.

21 SECRETS Summer Studio: Capturing Moments

Early Bird Registration: June 5-7
Runs Live: August 5-16

Summer can be one of our favorites times of the year to capture adventures with family and friends, as well as savor the daily moments of our favorite summer routines. This 10-day Summer Studio session celebrates the ways we can document the details of our lives be it the weather, the places we visit or the simple things we do in beautifully-mundane moments. Lessons in this edition will inspire us to see our art journals as a tools for Capturing Moments of our busy (and sometimes not-so-busy) lives.

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21 SECRETS Abstract Adventures

Early Bird Registration: September 25-27
Comes Out: October 28

Abstract art—there’s so much to love! Whether you play more in the impressionistic camp, the figurative flocks or “keep it modern” is your mantra, creating abstract art can feel very freeing and less restrictive than some other approaches to art you may have tried.

21 SECRETS Abstraction will bring together twenty one experienced art instructors who know the power abstract art has to speak deeply to our intuition and entice our viewers’ imagination. These artists know that abstract art is much more than slapping paint haphazardly on the canvas or creating an ink blot from a folded page inside your art journal. They will guide you through tips for textures, line and emotional marks that are a direct expression of your inner knowing, while the work you create will allow others to easily make their own interpretations (which is half the fun!).

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FYI — We’ll Be Tidying Up The 21 SECRETS Shelf This Year!

Currently there are 8 delicious editions of 21 SECRETS up on the shelves and available for purchase — but this year we’ll be tidying things up by retiring a few of them.  You’ll still receive unlimited access to all the juicy content and videos, it just means after our retirement sale there will be no way to purchase these timeless editions ever again.

When is the big retirement bash?  Well, you just have to sign up for my newsletter HERE and patiently wait for the news.

Until then be sure to CLICK HERE and scroll through all the wonderful editions — these make great resources to help keep you inspired, strengthen your skills, and build a nourishing creative practice.

Happy Painting!

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