Painting The Feminine Spring Session Begins May 2oth — REGISTER NOW & SAVE $40

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Painting The Feminine is a process like no other because it is YOUR unique process.

In this four-week online adventure you will breathe new life into your creative practice, develop a unique body of artwork, and begin to crack the code on your own visual language while strengthening your personal style.

As an artist I use my creative practice as a way of tapping into my inner guidance and making meaning as my life unfolds — in other words my creative practice calls the shots.

I call my process Painting The Feminine and since 2013 I have been inviting women world-wide to join me in creating their own Painting The Feminine practice. Together we discuss and define what Feminine wisdom means to us individually while exercising our hand-to-heart connection through a daily painting creative practice and storytelling.

I believe there’s an intuitive narrative that runs beneath the art we make. When we take some time to clear the energetic debris that crowds our creative practice we can tap into this wisdom with great ease and over time trust the guidance we receive.

Painting The Feminine is a sure way of cleaning up the junky-junk and realigning your hand with your heart so your creativity can flow like an ol’ mighty river. Do you hear it calling you?

We start May 20th. Register between now and Sunday night and save $40!

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