This Might Be A Little Awkward


In April of 2008 I sat down and quickly wrote my very first blog post for Dirty Footprints Studio. I don’t remember exactly what it said, other than I promised to be back a little later with something more interesting to share. I was just looking to break the ice.

Eleven years later I’ve been thinking a lot about that first humble blog post. I had no idea what-so-ever that it would be the beginning of such an incredible journey for me as an artist.  All I really wanted to do was use blogging as a way to meet kindred souls and share my art.  That was it.

Though, in those early years blogging was my life-line.  As a full-time elementary and middle school art teacher  I absolutely loved my job but hated being a part of a system.

Blogging became an outlet for sharing parts of myself that felt stifled during my day job and a way of documenting my search for something different in my life and career.

It’s that documentation part that has been scratching at my mind lately and making me long to get back at blogging again.

The interesting thing is that on June 21st I will be officially letting go of Dirty Footprints Studio altogether as I launch in its place. For a minute I thought maybe I should begin blogging when the new website launches.  I even entertained the idea of writing my blog posts now and giving myself a running start.

But that doesn’t feel in alignment with what’s truly calling me to blog.

It’s a big deal for me to say good bye to Dirty Footprints Studio.  We’ve been through a lot together and stepping into symbolizes a new chapter for me as an artist as well.

These last eleven years have been absolutely amazing. But they’ve gone by too quickly.

So this is me being a little awkward.  This is me breaking the ice again.

I’m writing this here blog post to simply say that I’m stepping back into blogging as my way of documenting and discovering where this next chapter may take me.

And so it begins.

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