Talking To Trees Student Show


This past weekend I had the honor of being one of the 27 talented artists in Galia Alena’s FREE Creative Online Retreat. For two days straight a different lesson was released every few hours to a world-wide circle of artists participating and sharing in the creative nourishment.

My lesson was called Talking To Trees and in it I shed light on my own practice of sketching from trees as a way of communicating with them. For me, sketching is never about getting it right. Instead I use sketching as my way of taking the time to really see, hear, feel, and be present with my environment and the subtle details of my own life.

Though, I have to admit that sharing this practice made me feel a bit vulnerable and naked. Talking to trees? Really, Connie?

So imagine my delight when photos of sketches started to pour in from other artists that too resonate with the wonders and beauty of being fully present with those amazing creatures we are so blessed to live with: trees.

Below you will find the photos of sketches inspired by my free lesson that can now only be purchased as part of the year-long paid program: Make Create Express Workshop where I actually teach Talking To Trees 2 — where we go even deeper by using our sketches as our doorway into our intuition and imagination.

Please join me in celebrating the following artists…

Vivian Liebenson
Patrica Mosca & Sinda Wood
Michelle Johnson
Robin Sturis & Maria Ontiveros
Elizabeth Whitley
Nancy Ewing
Pernilla Svanström, Kris Reynolds, & Janet Laird
Lib Mayo
Karen Scharff & Li Li Wee
Liliana Nieto
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