Painting The Feminine Updates

PTF Student Show Announcement

Three Day Student Show Starts Next Week!

I started my body of work that I lovingly call Painting The Feminine way back in 2012. My son Phoenix was still an itty bitty newborn, my husband was dealing with some massive health issues, and I was struggling to manage my business, being a new mom, and supporting my husband.

So as an act of nourishment I gave myself a project. (If you’re a fellow Capricorn you probably understand!)

For 40 nights straight, starting in October, I took out my art journal and chose a characteristic that I felt represented “Feminine Wisdom” (like intuition, vulnerability, tenderness) to explore visually with paint.

Being pregnant and giving birth really changed me on a molecular and spiritual level. Now I was channeling this shift in perspective towards my creative practice as well.

After I finished my painting each night I blogged about the insights I gained and the shared it with my peeps online. This simple act of nourishing my creative practice and my soul became the foundation of Painting The Feminine — both my body of work and eCourse and to my surprise was a huge hit with other women as well.

My very first Painting The Feminine eCourse was held in the Spring of 2013 and I have been hosting it every Spring and Fall ever since. This past Spring was the largest of all my Painting The Feminine sessions — as 350+ women from across the globe gathered together to paint and be in community while our world slipped into the great unknown of COVID-19.

I’m excited to say that next week, on Tuesday, September 1st, our three day Painting The Feminine Student Show will open. I can NOT wait to finally share with you the heart-soaked, wildly inspiring work that was created during this very auspicious time together. Be sure to mark your calendars.

Coming To An End

The second thing I want to share has to do with that art journal you see above.

That’s my Painting The Feminine art journal. One that I started in 2015 and that I’ve been painting intuitively in ever since.

I also showcase this journal in my Painting The Feminine eCourse.

Well, last week I made a bit of a declaration over on Instagram that I plan on finally finishing this puppy before 2020 is over. Yep, five years feels like long enough and as of now I have 47 more spreads to go.

I plan on sharing the journey over on Instagram, as well as here on my blog. Though, it feels important and necessary that I publicly state my intentions here as well. That way I gotta do it!

A New Home Coming Soon

Since 2013 I have been hosting Painting The Feminine using email to deliver the content, a Zoom call for our weekly meetings, and Facebook as our virtual classroom. This September all of that is changing!

I’m excited to announce that for the last few months I have joyfully been working on a brand new Mighty Networks account — not just for my online eCourses such as Painting The Feminine, IGNITE, Night Vision, and my upcoming Connie Bundle — but I’m looking forward to transforming my Mighty Networks account into a central gathering place where my painters and I can share, learn, and explore together.

The name of my Mighty Networks is Paint Wisdom Studio and I can’t wait to tell you more about it soon.

But, until then, I just wanted to plant the seed here and give my Painting The Feminine painters a heads-up on the changes as well.

I am so dang excited. Let me say that again…I’m so dang excited!

Painting The Feminine Goes On Sale September 1st

The last yummy update I want to state is that the Fall session of Painting The Feminine will be going on sale September 1st. Now that it’s going to have it’s own little home at the Paint Wisdom Studio, I’m going to be offering two different packages for Painting The Feminine — a totally self guided package and a package that comes with five weekly group calls and more of a community feel to it.

More information on this will be coming soon too! I hope that you will join me in Painting The Feminine this Fall. The adventure starts September 28th.