Painting The Feminine Starts Monday


Today, right as this post is going live, I am leaving Oaxaca, Mexico and on my way back home to the US.

I’ve been Oaxaca for almost a month now, hosting two amazing Paint FEARLESS Mexico retreats. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to share some of the inspiring tid-bits with you real soon.

I’m excited to go back home and be with my family. As well as I’m excited for my last and final Painting The Feminine to begin this Monday, November 1st.

After 8 years of hosting this online workshop every Spring and Fall this will be the last time I do so live. Come December Painting The Feminine will be available as a self-paced eCourse only.

To celebrate Painting The Feminine’s “retirement” I slashed registration in half! Next week the price returns to its regular price.

As a little appetizer. I made you the following video of a recent spread I did in my Painting The Feminine art journal. Hit play on the video below.

CLICK HERE for more info on Painting The Feminine.