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Dedicated To You…

Nov 24, 2010

I dedicate this song to my friends….to the readers of Dirty Footprints Studio that write me telling me their dreams….to those that are working for that next big thing that’s on the way. I get it. I honestly really do. But I want to tell you the biggest secret that I learned…..one that broke my world wide open… Be still. Your real life is now. Look around. Breathe deeply. And simply begin. I’m here rooting for you. ____________________ WAITING FOR MY REAL LIFE TO BEGIN Colin Hay Any minute now, my ship is coming in I’ll keep checking the horizon…


The Power Of Prayer & LOVE

Nov 23, 2010

I found Grandpa Caleb years ago through his grandson Halcyon and their joint venture of LOVE called Hug Nation. Since then, this dear wise man has passed away but his legacy and words still live on. Halcyon just recently released this video of Grandpa Caleb…and I was brought to tears by the synchronicity of events and great moments in life that this belongs deeply to right now. If you follow Dirty Footprints Studio on Facebook, hopefully you know by now that Stellan and his great LOVE Michelle spent all day yesterday talking on the phone. The doctors are exclaiming it…


Again & Again & Again

Nov 22, 2010

photo by my beloved Hansel of course I can’t speak for all of us, but I know for sure that sometimes I can get too wound up on my thoughts. My own life. My own issues. My own set of expectations and self imposed standards. I know that sometimes I fail to notice the earth under my feet and the sky whistling above my head. I give over hours of my existence–possibly days to facebook, twitter, blogs, and youtube. I think I’m soaking in more information–expanding my knowledge of things… when in fact I’m only moving further from the truth.…


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