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Fifteen Days

May 6, 2008

I’m procrastinating. I need to be getting ready to go to work, but I’m doing everything but. Today is going to be the world’s longest day at work, so maybe that’s why I’m prolonging the start time! Plus, I did not get tons of sleep last night, because after I finished blogging, I prepared for bed, then thought I’d do a little drawing. I have this fine idea that with 15 days of work actually left, I’d make a little drawing to commemorate each last day. Here is number 15. I know that with the horrible day I had yesterday…


Glad Today is Over

May 6, 2008

Today was not easy. My intentions were to get to work early to finish up all the necessary paperwork that was due today. But things didn’t quite work out that way. Things that were out of my control. Unfortunately, I let these minor mishaps set the tone for the rest of the day. Kids were bonkers. Teachers were calling me left and right asking me questions about tomorrow’s event and what is expected of them. I needed to get the paperwork done. I needed to load a kiln. I needed to make phone calls. I needed to create a flyer…


Recipe for Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2008

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. I know that means Fifth of May, but beyond that I have no clue. I noticed today that the Mexican restaurants in my neighbor are getting all dolled up for a major day of cervaza drinking tomorrow. But what is it all about anyways? Though, any excuse for latin cusine is all right with me. I want to share a delicioso recipe—it is probrably more southwest then mexican, but yummy anyhow. Print this baby out and enjoy!!! I would say great for entertaining, including days other than cinco de mayo! Tortilla Casserole Whatcha Ya Need:One…


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