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5 Things I Want to Share About Today

Apr 28, 2008

1.) I bought a pair of salmon colored work-out pants. I need to get my big ass in yoga class ASAP. I went Saturday, the first time in two weeks. This is not like me, but my life has been swallowed by work. This, like everything in life, is only temporary, and I believe I can find that balance again. Having a new pair of work-out pants, somehow, helps. 2.) There are people around me that spend alot of time being angry. This is not me either. I decided this morning that instead of reflecting their anger to them– just…


Sedona Sunday

Apr 28, 2008

Today Hansel and I went to Sedona. He went on his mountain bike around Bell Rock and I hiked to the tip-top of Brims Mesa further north in town. The weather was perfect, and once I got on the trails, there were very little tourists to weave through. What they are doing to Sedona just sickens me. I remember when the streets were so narrow, and everything was snug with trees. I miss the Sedona that always seemed like a secret. But still, once I sneak into the canyons or make my way up those magnificent rocks, things are all…


First Impressions

Apr 27, 2008

I hate writing the first post. I never know what to say, and I overthink that first impression. So instead, I’m taking my camera, and I’ll be taking a few photos of my day today. Then I’ll post them with a little somethin-somethin to say about them. That should break the ice!


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