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Sep 11, 2000

Here’s what FEARLESS Painters have said about DEEP… BIG was life changing for me, as it cracked my heart wide open and the light flowed in to different areas of my life; not just painting. And DEEP was the step I needed to take to keep that light flowing, to strengthen my connection with it, to learn to work through and have a serious relationship to fearlessness and freedom… in my painting practice and in my life. The journey was so valuable to me, that I went through it twice, learning new things about myself and my practice each time.…


Meet The 21 SECRETS LIVE! Team

Aug 30, 2000

CONNIE HOZVICKA Founder, Director, & Co-Host of 21 SECRETS LIVE! Connie Hozvicka is an artist, writer, and creative entrepreneur whose mission is to inspire other artists to deepen their connection to their creative source, trust their innate expression, and be fearless in living their truth.  She doesn’t just preach it, but actually lives it, then shares the journey openly and honestly on her blog Dirty Footprints Studio and in her celebrated online workshops, annual retreats, and teacher training program.  You can contact Connie HERE. HALI KARLA Co-Host  Hali Karla is a holistic artist & healer, supporting others in the navigation of…


Gather, Retreat, PAINT & Repeat

May 31, 2000

One of the most important ways I practice self care is by retreating into my studio for some uninterrupted time to simply paint.  It’s the one thing I feel I don’t do enough–and I plan on changing that and want to help you do the same! I am hosting a little stay at home/studio FEARLESS® Painting retreat and would love for you to join me!!  You don’t have to book a flight, find a hotel, or even leave the comfort of your pajamas!! You just need to commit to one day of pure PAINTING bliss in your own home/studio–and I…


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