Forget the Stichin’

May 4, 2008

Saturdays always go by too fast. Today was no exception. My intention was to do some sewing, but the weather was too gorgeous outside to stay in stichin’. Instead I decided to clean up my beloved patio, the closest thing I have to my own yard/garden here in the desert. Some of my plants were looking kind of shabby, so I gave them a bit of a makeover. I also spent a couple hours just cruisin’ the aisles of the outdoor garden center down the street. I love plants. I love gardening. I love digging in the dirt, getting messy,…



May 3, 2008

I love this bracelet…I found it this morning and thought it would be a good b-day gift for Andrea. But naw–I want it. She’d look better in the little somethin-somethin I’m getting her. Check out some more awesome work done by hollyhawk at etsy. Rockin’ stuff.


Why Do I Dance Like That?

May 1, 2008

This is how my day has been going….totally dance worthy! First, last night I put some old drawings up on Etsy. Just because it’s bugging me that I got this great banner for my shop(that the wonderful Kimma made) with nothing in it. Then, just now I put a couple of my watercolor paintings up there too. I love these little girls—my little watercolor ninas. They just are soaked in meaning for me. Truly juicy! Second, I found a pair of somethin-somethin for my dear friend Andrea who is having a b-day in a week! I just stumbled upon this…


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