Maureen Nadeau

Paint FEARLESS® Exhibition 2024



My name is Maureen Nadeau. I am an intuitive painter and mixed media artist, a seeker, a teacher, and a creative guide. I make art as a way of staying anchored to my soul in the midst of everyday life and spiritual practice that nurtures my connection to the deepest inner workings of my heart and soul. The natural world, my subconscious inner world, and the relationship between the two is what greatly influences my artwork.


As a small child nature became my sanctuary as I spent hours outdoors escaping the chaos of my home and family life. I still remember hearing the wind rustle through the pine trees and sensing they were speaking to me -whispering words of comfort and wisdom. Over the years my connection with nature has only grown stronger. In my 20’s I began my long journey of recovery from addiction. It was then I felt the healing pull of the ocean calling me back home to the Goddess and my Celtic roots. I began an earth based spiritual practice where I continue to draw inspiration through connecting with the rhythm and cycles of the seasons as well as ancestral symbols.

Currently my body of work celebrates and honors the various aspects and energies of the Divine Feminine.