Paint FEARLESS Mentorship Intake Form

Hello FEARLESS® Painter!

Congratulations on making this HUGE commitment to your Artist Soul.  I am so excited and honored to be taking this journey with you.

To help me better serve and get to know you, I ask that you kindly complete the following Intake Form by Friday, August 26th.

Shortly after I receive your intake form I will mail you one of my collectible Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship aprons --- so the sooner you fill this puppy out the sooner you'll be styling in the studio!

Also, please note that the very last part of this Intake Form requires you to upload a photo of one of your most favorite pieces you have created.  We will be using this photo as the cover of your Digital Portfolio in the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship classroom.

Thank you again for joining the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship. If you have any questions please CONTACT ME HERE.

All My LOVE,


Paint FEARLESS Mentorship Intake


All information is kept private, secure, and used solely as part of the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship.


Please answer the following prompts as best as you can and from your heart.
Max. file size: 300 MB.
Please upload a photo of your favorite piece of art that you created. We will be using this photo as the cover of your Digital Portfolio.