Welcome to the Painting The Feminine Student Fall Show!

In Painting The Feminine no two artists’ body of work will ever look or feel the same -- that's what it means to paint the Feminine.

For four consecutive weeks, painters from around the globe gather virtually to celebrate and express Feminine energy through a daily painting practice and visual storytelling. 

Because this process is so personal, no student of the Painting The Feminine eCourse is ever required to display their work publicly.  Instead, only the painters who feel deeply called to share are encouraged to participate.

Please join me in celebrating the 26 Painting The Feminine artists who have boldly stepped forward.



This time around for me in Painting the Feminine was a truly liberating, healing and revealing experience. It felt like coming home—being back in the warm, safe circle of woman, each sharing art from a very deep place within ourselves. There have been some painful realizations as I continue to journey on in this transitional time in my life, and my art has reflected that right back at me. There were tears, sighs and exhales of relief each time I put down another brushstroke of paint, another splatter of color, another smear of oil pastel. I rubbed away the grief and transformed it into healing, powerful art.

Thank you, Connie, you have again shown me that creative doorways never close, and these portals allow me to step deeper and deeper into my true, authentic self.

Alexa Bolles

Through Painting The Feminine, I started to work more freely, and to allow the spirit to flow through me. Dialoguing with my paintings has been an eye-opening experience, and I’m beginning to explore places within that I had forgotten existed. Connie is an amazing teacher and storyteller with the unique ability to touch hearts and souls, bringing a group of women together in a supportive and creative environment. I’m so looking forward to Painting with the Feminine, Spring 2019.

Andrea Small

This was my second Painting the Feminine. I was more confident this time—not confident in production, but confident in listening and following. The end product remained secondary when in the act of creation, but became primary in my relationship with the emerged piece. Thank you, Connie and all participants, for another wonderful set of experiences and learning.

Becky Schupbach

Painting the Feminine came at just the right time for me in my journey of self-exploration. Although I have celebrated the sacred feminine for many years, I am just now giving myself full permission to embrace painting as a way of embodying vision and transformation. Connie’s skillful guidance and open heart—along with the encouragement of this powerful sisterhood of artists—helped me trust my intuition and follow my instincts. I leaned into my fear of sharing my work and found that I was held with great generosity of spirit. I took risks and experienced integration. Intuitive painting is a wild and orgasmic dance of creation and self-discovery. I know I will keep dancing.

Benita Viapree

Art making is my bridge to the inner-self through the application of color, form and symbolism. This bridge is constructed through various techniques including guided imagery, painting, sculpture, threads and textiles.

Painting the Feminine, for me, has been:

A compass to the soul
An exploration of the inner-landscape
An opportunity to map the journey through the paths of life An atlas of future possibilities
An empowerment for choosing future directions

Beth Di Nicola

This past fall was my third time participating in Painting the Feminine (PTF). Each time I paint with this group, I go deeper and deeper into exploring my own femininity. I uncover the strength, the power, and the grace that allows me to move forward with joy and confidence. This session of PTF saw me working in watercolor, continuing the strong vertical lines and blending them with the cool and peaceful blue and green color palette. My visual language includes a lot of movement, both flowing and broken lines, and a sense of rootedness. I am grateful to Connie and all the amazing women who supported and encouraged me on this journey. It is a joy to be in community with them and to create intuitively from my soul.

Bethany Chamberlain

My Painting the Feminine experience was amazing! I have been creative all my life, but I was always slightly hesitant to call myself an artist and I wasn’t really sure what my painting style was. Painting the Feminine helped me to learn what a visual language is and through creating a body of work has helped me see what my own visual language is.

Painting the Feminine has helped me to be more courageous in my painting and in sharing my work. I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I AM AN ARTIST! I found Connie’s audios and videos each week so inspiring, and I painted like I never have before—intuitively from my heart and listening to my inner-guidance—which has been so liberating and empowering.

Connie’s wisdom and love, combined with the community of women I shared and connected with, was wonderful. Thank you so much, Connie, for this life-changing experience and I am now going to join you for Paint FEARLESS Mexico—woo hoo!

Dale Petrishe

WHO am I? I packed my suitcase and left home at age nineteen in 1962. No “feminine” was involved there—only masculine attributes were allowed. “Be logical, be rational and be responsible!” I was married at twenty and bore a child at twenty one. I was emotionally abused and suffered from depression, suppression, anger and rebellion and . . . I had lots of therapy. I sought refuge in the basement sewing clothes, making art banners for church, crafting and simply hiding out. Divorced in 1979, I was free at last . . . . WHO am I??

I remarried in 1983 and easily slid back into a “pleaser” role, just like a pair of comfy old shoes. Stress, family issues, husband losing jobs . . . but I remained the steady-Eddy breadwinner; the masculine me knew how to do that well! WHO am I???

Decades later, I lose my successful job, Mom dies ten days later, and Dad twelve months, four days after Mom. I was the caretaker. With their deaths, the family disintegrates. I sat alone, exhausted, curled up in a chair reading, playing Sudoko and teaching myself Zentangle for eight months—more therapy. Zentangle began my journey back to my art. WHO am I????

2016: My husband and I move 900 miles cross-country with no family or what family? It was an empty time to find out “WHO am I?” I began a journey of reading, meditation, prayer and mindful art. I started following Connie in April 2016; first with Creative Circles, then 21 SECRETS . . . then along came Painting the Feminine 2018. My thought? “Must take NOW!” WHO am I? Well this e-course certainly showed me, beginning with having to find my feminine again, after having been masculine-dominant for so long. It turns out, She has voice! She is alive and demands to live and . . . she will. I AM!

Diane Martin

Painting the Feminine has been a journey of surprise and pleasure! Connie’s encouragement of trusting the process really got through to me on a deeper level. All my pictures, shapes, lines and color emerged from this trusting in a jaunt of pure exploration. I found myself being drawn to vibrant colors—new for me—which led the way to these paintings. This was a total and complete surprise! In reflection, these images came from a sense of freedom, play and an “in- the-moment” experience—a valuable and memorable lesson I will take with me in my continuing journey as an artist and explorer of the feminine self. All of the women in our Painting The Feminine group are amazing, inspiring and the essence of the Fearless Feminine! Thank you!

Eleni Litt

Painting the Feminine encouraged me to remember that the only art that is worth making is art that is true—a true expression of one's soul. And the way to get in touch with that truth is to show up and work (play!) intuitively, following the subtle sensations of the body, mind and heart.

Thank you, Connie Solera for creating this special space for us!

Jackie Puntoriero

This is the second time I have completed Painting The Feminine. It’s a space where amazing women gather, meet, reflect and create.

Connie has an amazing way of encouraging and allowing an unfolding. This unfolding supports a flow and a unique body of work that reflects the feminine and its place in the the world.

Jan Mancey

Without using references, the intuitive process of creating/painting “the Feminine”—and all that it entails—was a wonderful way to reflect upon the meaning of feminine, and to experiment with and learn about acrylics. Exploring with other new media and “embracing the ugly” were very freeing! The Painting The Feminine program has helped me to give voice to, and bring closure to past unwelcome experiences. It has given me insight into my Self and the lens through which I perceive the world. “Painting the Feminine” has been like a journey to a celebration of empowerment.

Jenny Loughmiller

Painting the Feminine fell in my lap right when I needed it. I had recently completed an emotionally intense two-year art project and was in transition between closing that experience and opening myself to the next. Four weeks with Connie's thoughtful, compassionate and intuitive guidance into the realm of the feminine was exactly what I needed to help me walk through an otherwise-disorienting experience. I loved the daily prompts that pushed me to think deeper about my life, my art and how the two are connected. Connie's personal genius is not only her beautiful art but the way in which she guides her students through the creative process. She is truly masterful. She created a safe, nourishing space to push and question and explore and feel. I left the experience with a richer sense of the "why" behind my art and a vision of where I'm heading next. I can't thank her enough for that gift.

Kim Miles

I want to remember that I see the world through the eyes of an artist and to be confident in my expression of that vision.

Lillian Love

My Painting-the-Feminine experience allowed me to break through my “safe zone” and to really learn to paint my feelings and get out of my head. It has opened up new possibilities in my art. And let’s not forget all of the wonderful women in this group that shared amazing art and stories. I also loved that Connie was right there with all of us through the whole class with insight, stories, and helpful comments. I now see why so many women take this class multiple times and I hope to be there with them the next time around.

Lynne Hudson

This is my second time taking Painting the Feminine and I am so glad to have been a part of this group! What surprised me the most about my experience was how rich and new the experience was for me creatively. I gained insight into my process and experimented with more painting techniques. What was the same? Once again this class lit a fire on my studio time and I settled into a daily creative practice that felt just right. Thank you for another great creative journey!

Mychele Boardman

Painting the Feminine touched my soul and opened my heart in ways I could never have imagined when I first began. I came in feeling like my creative well had dried up. I was parched and felt the need to create, but couldn’t find motivation to fill my well. Connie’s gentle way of teaching guided me to freely explore my inner landscape without fear of artistic expectations. I felt supported on an art adventure that honored my process, meeting me where I was in the moment, each moment of each day. I felt especially supported in the community of women Connie brought together. The love, compassion, wisdom and support is like none I have experienced before. I felt uplifted and inspired daily by the brave women I was with on this journey through the feminine. This course was so much more than just painting; it was a healing balm for my soul, helping to quench my creative thirst and nourish my feminine self.

Nancy Ewing

Through Painting the Feminine, I learned to recognize and appreciate my visual language. I know I love teal, turquoise and blue, and I also became aware of the marks I make, especially ovals and spirals. The oval can represent an egg or a womb, a place of safety and gestation and also transformation and rebirth. The spirals are reaching both inward and outward. I learned to enjoy intuitive painting and to approach it with a sense of play and of discovery. I began to appreciate my art supplies more—the smoothness of brushing on acrylic paint and the sticky roughness of blending oil pastels. I’m beginning to trust the process more and to listen to my intuition. I now have a new and deeper approach to painting and to my creative process.

Patricia Mosca

My heart is a bit heavy today as I share my final class gallery show. I have taken Painting the Feminine with Connie six times. Each time I have gone deeper, have healed places in my heart and have learned to listen closely to my feminine energy. I am sad to see this ending, but I feel a new beginning happening and I am blessed to have given this gift to myself. I am also blessed to have Connie in my life and to have met so many brilliant and loving souls. The feminine energy is truly awakened from within and I know my art and my life is enriched because of it.

Rebecca Schischa

I have been on a wonderful journey of self-discovery during Painting the Feminine. I joined as a way to motivate myself to incorporate more creativity into my daily life. And I have achieved this goal—and so much more—during this four-week course. Having a busy schedule, I have mainly been doing my artwork late at night and so have been rather chronically sleep-deprived. However, rather than feeling a lack of energy, I have felt more energized than I have been in years and am walking about on some kind of “creative high!” It has also been wonderfully cathartic to delve into my psyche and see what emerges on the pages of my art journal or canvas. Finally, the wonderful and nurturing support provided by Connie and the community of women taking part in the course has given me such confidence to lose my inhibitions and just paint in a non-judgemental and blissfully-intuitive way. Thank you, Connie for all the wisdom that you have shared and for accompanying me on this wonderful journey.

Robin Behring

If it wasn't for Painting The Feminine, I would have not taken the leap to start making my own body of work. I have been collecting and watching workshops online and in person to learn techniques. However, Painting The Feminine pushed me out of my comfort zone into the world of doing your own thing—of self-expression. The atmosphere is very supportive and nurturing so any art—good or bad—is okay since there is no judgement. It allows one to explore her art in gentle steps and at her own pace. It challenged me to work on a larger canvas and to use all those art supplies that I have! The main thing is that I learned to listen to my feminine voice more intuitively than before. Connie has started me on a journey down the creative path which I am very grateful for. Thank you, Connie.

Robin Sturis

Painting the Feminine has opened new doors of self-expression and helped me find my way back home to my juicy, creative, inner life. It has been a joy to be part of an amazing, supportive creative circle of luminous souls.

Sheree Angela Matthews

What I don't want to forget about Painting The Feminine, is that this is a gift from the Universe for me—at least I like to think of it that way. When Connie sent out the call that this would be the last round of Painting The Feminine, I so wanted to ride this baby to the end. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the finances to implement this plan. Instead, I released this desire into the Universe and moved on. This wish was answered through a kind lady who anonymously donated a place for me on the course!

And I cannot thank this individual enough because this time around, I’m not sure why, but something has clicked inside of me. Or more correctly, my feminine wisdom has stepped up and she is singing. I’m approaching my art journal and the canvas with a confident energy which is allowing me to create all that has been flowing inside me but which didn’t previously have an outlet.

I created a piece included here called “Trust.” These women just appeared on the colored background while Connie’s voice entered my body. Trust. I think the facial expressions sum things up. They are so “in the know;” I love them. I think I’ve found my tribe and they were inside me all along—I love that and I trust that now.

I believe this could have only happened through Painting The Feminine, with Connie as my guide. I will not forget the kindness of a stranger who saw my work and read my words and believed in me. She knew me before I knew all of me.

This generous gesture gives me the strength to believe in me and to continue on this path of discovery and trust. Thank you!

Tama Brooks

Choosing to explore “Painting the Feminine” was an act of self-care, discovery and insight. I learned:

  • It is essential that I claim and defend both time and space for my creative practice.
  • Taking time to enter my centered/grounded place allows me to focus into each session.
  • To notice and honor the variety of rhythms in my life and in my creative energies.
  • When the work became awkward/uncomfortable, I could choose to not stop and set it aside. Instead, I took a breather. I reminded myself to be kind and to simply accept what came next. Then, I returned to the studio and kept going. It sure felt good to stick around until the work said, “Done,” even though I wasn’t sure what it meant or where it fit in the overall scheme.
  • Creating without a plan is an adventure—and only as scary as I allow it to be. Listening to clues tells me which direction to head next. Sometimes I must obliterate what I just completed. Eventually I arrive just where I need to be.
  • My classmates are each on their own unique walk-about. Paths may intersect, vistas may seem familiar or totally foreign. Yet, we have a heart-connection among us, where we find safety and support as we share our memories, discoveries and realizations.
  • Connie has a knack for accepting us just as we are and gently encouraging our growth when we are ready.

Tigz De Palma

Through Painting the Feminine, I have learned to trust my inner-creative-voice. And, that painting—or art journaling—is not only a doorway into my own inner wisdom, but that there is big joy and freedom in expressing it! Before this course, I hadn’t painted or made any kind of visual art since I was a young child. Now I am art journaling every day and I feel like I have opened up into a whole new world. Connie’s guidance and the warm support of the other women were immeasurable in allowing me to feel free to express my day-to-day relationship to the feminine, despite my lack of experience with any of the art supplies. This feels like the beginning of a life-long journey.

Vivian Liebenson

Painting the Feminine was like playing detective, scientist, therapist and high priestess to my creativity all at once. I was able to study the mystery of what worked best in the studio; seek out clues to my own unique visual language; deepen my emotional connection to my paintings; and improve my intuition. And yet, the sum of what I gained from this experience was far greater than the individual benefits I received. There is something intangible and difficult to put into words that comes from going through this process in community with a group of other women. It was a powerful, intense experience and I thank Connie and all the other women in the group from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for visiting the Painting The Feminine Fall 2018 Student Show!

The next session of Painting The Feminine begins Monday, April 15,  2019

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