painting the feminine art workshop

Welcome to the Painting The Feminine Student Fall Show!

Painting The Feminine is an intimate, personal, and unique experience to each woman that picks up the brush.  No two artists’ paintings will ever look or feel the same. In Painting The Feminine, the thread that weaves us together is a willingness and curiosity to celebrate, heal, and embody Feminine energy through a daily painting practice for four consecutive weeks. Because this process is so personal, no student of the Painting The Feminine eCourse is ever required to display their work publicly.  Instead, only the women who feel deeply called to share their healing works of art with others are encouraged to participate. Please join me in celebrating the 23 Painting The Feminine artists who have boldly stepped forward.

Andrea Small

What I don’t want to forget about Painting The Feminine is power. The power of ritual, the power of absolute listening and the power of engaging in dialogue with what is emerging, or what has emerged. I have continued to work in my Painting The Feminine journal, continuing my practice of putting on my apron, sitting at a blank page and allowing colours to choose themselves. I find myself using my left hand on the left side of a double-page spread and my right on the right. I am continuing to explore figures that emerged during the four weeks, watching them change and develop. What happens in my Painting The Feminine journal is different from what happens elsewhere, where I decide more in advance what I am going to do. My creative practice has changed as a result of the immersion in the course; I am going into my studio more often and spending longer there. I am continuing to notice the development of my visual language. I am re-reading Women Who Run With The Wolves and find myself saying “Yes, Yes!” at least once a page. I am clearer and more serious about my creativity. Recently I was at a class where the creativity of the women present was described as a “hobby” and I immediately thought, “I am in the wrong place”. My creativity is not a hobby, it is a calling and thanks to my Painting the Feminine experience, I am listening more carefully to the call. Thank you Connie.

Beth Di Nicola

I felt called to be a part of the fall class of Painting the Feminine.  I went in with a bit of fear and trepidation yet, before long, I felt warmly supported by Connie and an amazing community of creative women from around the world. One of the things that called to me about Painting the Feminine was the opportunity to explore the power of the feminine through a structured, daily creative process.  The process is a deep one and it helped me gain a greater awareness of myself, allowing me to look back on my life and all my experiences as a woman.   Most of all, I was excited to begin painting again and to see my heart and soul expressed on the page.  Painting the Feminine allows you to connect with your intuitive self and paint in the way that you choose.  It is a process that I will continue to use as part of my ongoing creative practice.  Thank you, Connie and my fellow artists, for creating the space for my feminine energy to rise and for my conception of the feminine spirit to evolve. 

Briana Goetzen

Painting the Feminine, with Connie Solera, gave me the structure, time, space, and support I needed to do some personal healing work. Connie actively provided feedback and encouragement in our private Facebook Group, which was incredibly valuable. There was also something about the variety in the content presentation that really appealed to me. The regularly scheduled group calls, where we got to see each other on camera (if one chose to turn on the camera option) really helped me feel connected to the women in the course. Connie’s facilitation skills, experience as an online teacher, the group of women who felt called to gather here, and everyone’s artwork and openness about their creative process made this course one of my all-time favorites.   I can see how one may wish to take Painting the Feminine over and over, as each time, you are in a different place in your life and healing journey.  I wish all women who are called to doing personal healing work, would give themselves the opportunity to participate in Painting the Feminine. I saw Connie offer this course several times before the timing felt right for me. So if you are reading this, keep that in mind, too. You’ll know when you’re ready for Painting the Feminine, and I hope you’ll take the leap! You’re worth it!

Carly Mojica

Before I took the Painting the Feminine course, I was stuck in my painting practice.  I’d been painting for years, but had reached this place where I was over-thinking every move.  I was paralyzed by the need for my painting to be “pretty”.  My muse had failed to live up to the standards of perfection I had placed upon it, and the inspiration had dried up.   Thanks to Connie and the Painting the Feminine course, I was gently guided back to my innate wisdom.  I was reminded that all I have to do is show up, get quiet, listen for the next step, and observe with an open mind to see what unfolds.  I learned to let go of the need to paint from my intellect and began to paint from my soul, feeding off of the energy of the page.  Every journal page and canvas I’ve painted since this course began have offered deep healing. Connie created this fantastic container and gathered a group of women who chose to show up, be vulnerable in sharing their hearts, and this amazing transformation resulted.  I felt so seen, supported, and held by Connie and all of the beautiful women who gathered in this course.   The only drawback is that it eventually had to end!”

Chris Gallimore

Painting The Feminine reminded me to connect deeply with my inner wisdom and intuition before starting to paint and not to have any expectation or plan about the actual painting. Thank you Connie for being such a profound soul stirrer, bringing out the magic in each of us out into the world.

Diane Martin

Painting the Feminine has been a blast and so much more! Entering into a deep space of creativity with Connie as gentle guide and teacher has been a powerful and positive experience! Joining and sharing with all the women created a community of affirmation, support, and total inspiration! Painting the Feminine opened and liberated my yearning for artistic expression! Encouraged to find my own images and experiences in this painting journey, I was empowered to explore, discover and render the inner light, dark, playful and powerful dimensions of the Feminine soul, truly meaningful and ongoing super fun! My three paintings reflect inner experiences of the moment; the Vessel represents the universal flowing essence of Feminine creativity; the portrait reflects symbolic repression of the Feminine; the last is the Dancing Feminine who emerged as a joyful expression of life and who is always available. 

Heidi Elder

Through Painting The Feminine I learned what The Feminine really is.  I learned how to explore my painting style and experiment with styles from other artists in the group.  I learned that in working through the ugly, messy parts of a painting real beauty can come through.  I also learned that I don’t have to make masterpieces each time I paint.  I can set a time limit and allow what comes through in that time to be enough.  WOW! Through Painting The Feminine I was able to paint from my heart, from the darkness in my past, from the joy in the moment and paint what feminine feels like.  I looked forward each day for the email that came, I looked forward to each group call and to checking in on the Facebook group.   Through Painting The Feminine I let go of a lot of baggage and healed a lot of pain that has been keeping me stuck.  Connie helped me, encouraged me and showed so much love for us all.  If I needed help I could email Connie and I knew she would respond in love, encouraging me to think through the process.   My heart is full of gratitude for Connie and for all the fierce women who were in this wonderful, powerful group.   I love painting so much more after this experience and I love Connie for creating a space for us to come and BE.  

Jane Horner

Painting the Feminine was a journey of discovery for me. Each creative prompt and video gently urged me to open up to my own creative process. Connie’s insights helped me to let go and follow the whispers and flow of my spirit. As I released expectations and allowed the creative energy to guide my brushstrokes, my paintings began to express my feelings and emotions. Whether I was feeling joy or sadness, hope or frustration, it spilled out on the page or canvas before me. But what touched me most deeply was the way this community of amazing, creative women opened their hearts and shared their experiences with such honesty and courage. Their words and images will stay with me always.

Joan Gaetz

Painting the Feminine for the second time was just as wonderful as the first time.  There were even more wonderful female artists sharing their artwork and their stories which created a creative environment that was deep and rich with caring, constructive feedback and inspiration.  Once again, Connie’s stories resonated deeply and aroused visual imagery that fueled my paintings. Thank you Connie, thank you lovely painters!


Painting The Feminine meant everything to me!  I loved learning that I have a visual language all my own. I have a creative fingerprint that is original and uniquely all my own!  Being anonymous at this time allows me the freedom to paint intuitively what is coming up for me intuitively without fear of the patriarchy silencing my voice.  One day I hope that I will be able to come out of the shadows of anonymity but for now, I am thankful for this safe group that I could say and paint whatever came up for me in the studio!  Standing naked and unashamed and painting the sacred yoni was a holy experience for me!  Connie provides a womb-like environment filled with unconditional love!

Kathryn Hinton

Painting The Feminine was a journey into the world of emotions and shadows for me. It was the beginning of soul healing for me. As well as finding my seat of power. This journey has just begun and it will continue even after I find my missing pieces and become whole and strong within my power and truth.

Kirsten Errickson DeBartolis

Through Painting The Feminine daily, I am learning to hear the inner wisdom of my heart and trust my creative intuition. I have gained the confidence to paint big, paint outside, and paint in public – all things I hadn’t done before. Connie and the community of women are so open, honest, supportive, and encouraging. Painting The Feminine has broadened my creative practice and allowed me to more bravely claim the title Artist.

Laurie Eastwood

Thank you so much, Connie, for providing a safe place to explore,  discover and nurture this inspiring Painting the Feminine journey along with so many like-minded, open-hearted women. Through Painting the Feminine I have learned that I love the feeling of freedom to just paint and trust that whatever shows up is perfect and is my unique voice coming through.  I’ve learned to trust my own intuition and I also have a lot more courage in sharing the art I create. This is the first time I have participated in an online painting session and I have loved it.   I love that the Private Facebook page continues so it feels like there is always a place calling me to share my art and be inspired by others. I am so honored to be a part of this group and can’t wait to see what else emerges for myself and all participants.

Linda Watson

Painting the Feminine showed me that I am a painter AND a weaver, that the two are not separate entities vying for the spotlight of my studio practice, but partners in this (w)holy dance of creating from a connected heart. I also learned that after a career in the “art world,” a mad rush away from all of that and a 10 year retreat in order to heal, that maybe, the three of us – me, weaving and painting – are ready to venture out again, connected at the heart in the Feminine. 

Liv Guidry

If it wasn’t for Painting The Feminine, Fall 2017, I would have never realized, that every bit of work I do is connected. I saw this class, and I was hoping I would be able to paint a big and juicy vayjayjay by the end. Boy was I wrong. I got so much more out of it! I thought it was going to be a class on how to draw boobs, or how to draw the down under. But what was taught was much more than a how to video. It was much more juicy. Stuff, I can take with me for my entire life, and never forget. Like, how in the fall, I paint with red. And deep purple. Colors, I normally do not use together. But using them side by side in the way I did in my secret Vajayjay purple royal image, it made me really feel and think and scream feminine! Just that word Cycle is more Juicy than you know! It was a pure joy to see the cycle of my work evolve around the red paint. And the purple colors and the lines. I can’t thank Connie enough. This class also reminds me about that classic phrase, don’t judge a book by it’s cover! So true!!!!

Lynne Hudson

Painting The Feminine gave me the space to carve out a daily creative practice again. It also challenged me in unexpected ways. The experience pushed me through some heavy duty soul searching for which I am thankful. I was inspired by the prompts and messages and I appreciated the safe and welcoming community created for us. It’s difficult to decide which was more impactful; having the opportunity and guidance to reflect on my journey as an artist, or building the tools for a daily creative practice. I am also grateful for the introduction to water soluble oil pastels – my new love. How did I ever paint without them? I find myself protecting my studio time in a much more thoughtful and intentional manner because of this course. Thank you!

Mickey MacKaben

Painting The Feminine has been such a great experience! When I would come to the canvas before this class…. I painted what was in me but it felt external…..NOW I’m painting what’s in me….talking to me about me. It FEELS internal!!!!

Patrica Butchart

The interesting thing about Painting the Feminine was that I realized how much I loved playing with watercolors which I had not done for years. But what happened more than the painting, was that I started doing my Doodle creations again and writing, which was so wonderful. I had gotten away from doodling and I just realized how much I missed it and how much I enjoyed that easy flow when I was not thinking about anything, just being in the zone and the flow of creative bliss. So thank you for getting me back to my passion. I also loved seeing what all the other artists created and as usual how different everyone is. So amazing. I loved Connie’s relaxed presentations and input to each and everyone around their creations. It was so honest and up lifting. Thank you for inspiring me to get back to basics and do what brings me joy. Doodling!!

Patricia J. Mosca

Painting the Feminine has reopened me to my journey of life. I pick up pens and brushes to explore and release my mysteries.   It is helping to restore my spirit and my voice. Allowing me to see my truth from the inside out through self love…wisdom…commitment…and a gentleness as I explore the feminine that is me.

Tammy Hanna

I signed up for Painting the Feminine as a way to explore feminine archetypes, but what I got from it is so much more.  I was surprised at how palpable the experience was and continues to be, how much more aware I am, both of sensations in my body when I paint, and the feeling of being connected, part of a greater whole.  And even though I’ve had an art practice for a while, Painting the Feminine helped me to focus on making the practice nurturing and supportive. It was a subtle shift from looking outward to drawing inward. Subtle but powerful.  The experiences of being connected to others and of drawing inward led me to a place of trust. This has been the deepest learning for me from Painting the Feminine – trust in my inner voice and wisdom, trust of the creative process, trust in not knowing, and most of all, trusting joy. That good things happen when I take care of myself, relax and receive. That I can live and thrive from a place of openness. Painting the Feminine has also been a testament to the power of magic. The magic that happens when we show up for ourselves, the magic that happens when women gather to support and bear witness for each other, and the magic of the deep, rich Creative force alive in all of us.  Before Painting the Feminine, I’d seen painting and creating as a fairly solitary activity. Now I am thankful to know otherwise.

Tammy VanAntwerp

What most surprised me about Painting The Feminine was how easy it was to tap into my creative female energy and let her out to play. It felt great to do that with the support of the Painting The Feminine group, there was no judgement, no criticism and lots of love.  I plan to take Painting The Feminine again next time around, I can’t wait!


My experience with Painting The Feminine was great. I signed up at the last minute following a spontaneous inner urging and looked the other way when I clicked that button as my logical self argued that I had not even started painting yet, so what on Earth was I thinking. Yes I am a beginner! The women in the Painting The Feminine group were very welcoming. I had been asking spirit for guidance. It turns out the answer to that prayer was Connie’s guidance, her comforting voice, the amazing meditations, The challenge to spend time with myself and then the courage to be willing to share what came of that time. Through Connie’s Painting The Feminine course I was challenged and encouraged. I awakened my love of color and the sheer joy of moving paint around with no predetermined outcome. I have been reassured of the gifts within ~ if only I take the time for myself to coax them out! Thank you Connie and Painting The Feminine community for walking your paths & encouraging other women to do the same!!

Vivienne Feitsma

What I love about Painting The Feminine is that it is all about ME and for ME, so it is really ME-time.   Every week I was checking my inbox and couldn’t wait to start to listen & watch, cuddled up with a cup of coffee and just let all the beauty in those lessons come to me. I call this course my inner-soul-art-party. Painting The Feminine helped me make art in a completely different way than I’m used to, which was became an inner soul journey. I guess getting out of my comfort zone was just what I needed. Being connected with a bunch of lovely inspirational ladies was a big extra bonus. Thank you Connie, it was -again- a pleasure to be part of your group.

Thank you for visiting the Painting The Feminine Fall 2017 Student Show!

The Spring Session of Painting The Feminine starts Monday, March 5, 2018.

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