ONLINE WORKSHOP | January 22- February 26, 2024 | REGISTRATION CLOSED


DISSOLVE is for the artist eager to learn Connie's watercolor and water-soluble crayon techniques while strengthening their brush-handling skills, expanding their mark-making repertoire, and growing more confident in working intuitively, listening to their Artist Soul, and creating art that is uniquely their own.

In DISSOLVE, we will spend six delicious weeks exploring and experimenting with the jewels of art materials themselves: watercolors and water-soluble crayons.

In the first three weeks I share with you my very own personal techniques and intuitive approach to using watercolors, water-soluble crayons, and mixed-media in ways that will encourage you to follow your own creative flow and elevate your own personal style and mark-making.

In the second half of DISSOLVE, you will create your own unique body-of-work inspired by watery themes such as dreams, imagination, boundaries, visions, depth, emotion, and so-much-more.  I will guide you on this journey through audio prompts, guided meditations, an intimate peek into my own creative process, and group mentoring.

We will close DISSOLVE by taking time to examine our body-of-work in a way that reveals the intuitive narrative and powerful insights that occur when we take the time to paint from our heart-space.

You will leave DISSOLVE with a much richer and robust relationship to watercolors and water-soluble crayons, a series of paintings that provide you with valuable insight into your Artist Soul, the feeling of being confident and empowered in your own Artist skin, and the indescribable joy that comes from making art among kindreds — can I get a HOT DAMN!!!

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  • Immediate access to the first learning module and classroom shortly after registering.
  • Seven weekly learning modules totaling 8 hours of videos, audios, and written content that are yours to keep.
  • Six, weekly, ninety-minute Zoom calls held every Monday at 3pm PST / 6pm EST.  The Zoom calls will contain Q&A, demos, juicy discussion, and creative exercises.  All Zoom calls are recorded and yours to keep. Attendance at Zoom calls are NOT mandatory. Our first call is Monday, January 22nd. (CLICK HERE for time conversion.)
  • A private classroom for you to share your work and receive support, feedback, and guidance from both myself and your peers.
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Monday, January 22nd— DISSOLVE officially begins.  Our opening Zoom call will be at 3pm PST / 6pm EST / 11pm GMT. (CLICK HERE for time conversion.) Second learning module posts after call ends. Learning modules will be posted every Monday after Zoom calls starting on this date.

Sunday, February 18th — There is no Zoom class on Monday, February 19th because I have a flight.  Instead the weekly Zoom class will be held on Sunday, February 18th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST / 11pm GMT.  The weekly module will still be released on Monday.

Monday, February 26th — DISSOLVE closing call. Last learning module posted.



  • Have a desire to tap into the deeper currents of their creativity — in DISSOLVE we are always reflecting on the ways our art mirrors our life and vice versa.
  • Want to deepen and expand their relationship to watercolors and water-soluble crayons. Our focus in DISSOLVE is to discover how these materials speak to us in our own special way. Each artist is encouraged to take creative risks and approach their studio as a laboratory.
  • Are excited about creating a series of paintings that explore watery themes such as imagination, intuition, boundaries, portals, dreams, etc.
  • Are comfortable working independently, but thrive from being part of a creative community.
  • Are interested in identifying, elevating and strengthening their own style and mark-making.  In DISSOLVE you will NOT learn how to paint like me, Connie —  but rather use my techniques and approaches as launching pads for your own creative magic.
  • Long for a creative learning environment that is both nourishing and challenging to your Artist Soul.


Let's Talk Supplies!

The core supplies we will be exploring in DISSOLVE are watercolors and water-soluble crayons. As I state in my video below, what brands you use is really up to you.  I'm not picky, nor am I monogamous to one specific brand. Below you will find a video explaining more and links to my suggestions.