Self-Guided eCourses

My online self-guided eCourses are intended to take you on a creative journey. 

In each eCourse I impart my personal techniques and processes, while empowering you to discover your unique artistic voice. Each eCourse is mindfully crafted to guide you in creating a body of work centered around a specific theme and materials we use.

Originally conducted as live online workshops, these eCourses are now available in a self-paced format.

After purchasing, you will gain immediate access to a wealth of resources, including instructional videos, audio guides, vivid photographs, comprehensive written materials, and downloadable PDFs. Though, please note that these self-guided eCourses do NOT feature direct personal feedback or a platform for sharing your work, I reserve these elements exclusively for my live online workshops.

Though rest assured, I've taken meticulous care to anticipate and address common questions, concerns, and challenges that may arise throughout your journey — you are in good hands!

Finally, all eCourses are hosted on my Paint Wisdom Studio Mighty Network. Joining is simple – just create a FREE account, which you'll be guided to complete after your purchase.  Please CLICK HERE if you have any questions.

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Intuitive Painting with Watercolor + Water-Soluble Crayons
16.5 Hours of Video Content

In DISSOLVE, artists are invited to dive into Connie's most beloved watercolor and water-soluble crayon techniques. Over six weeks, you will hone your brush-handling skills, expand your mark-making repertoire, and approach your painting practice with gusto and confidence. Join Connie for a journey of exploration and experimentation with these vibrant jewels of a medium, as you uncover the beauty and potential they hold.

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Mixed-Media Art Journaling Exploring Feminine Wisdom
16.5 Hours of Video Content

This is the transformative 4-weeks eCourse that ran every Spring and Fall for 8 years and inspired Connie's Painting The Feminine Book.  In this eCourse you will learn Connie's intimate approach to art journaling through storytelling and sharing her mixed-media techniques that include painting, collage, Art Grafs, and oil pastels — all while exploring what "Feminine Wisdom" means to you.

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Sketching From Life with Watercolors + Ink
23 Hours of Video Content

For the past fifteen years, Connie has exclusively shared her passion for SKETCHing at her in-person retreats. Connie's approachable technique to SKETCHing has empowered countless artists to embrace drawing in new ways and develop joyful SKETCHing practices. Now, Connie is thrilled to bring my SKETCH process to life in a comprehensive seven-week, self-guided online workshop.



10 Mixed-Media Mini-Workshops
15.75 Hours of Video Content

In the Connie Bundle, Connie shares her art-making madness through ten mini-workshops that address her favorite supplies, shed light on her go-to techniques, and are packed full of creative wisdom to keep you inspired and creating art that is unique and juicy.



Mixed-Media Journaling To Nourish The Artist Soul
10 Hours of Video Content

When was the last time you gently rested your hand on your heart, closed your eyes, and pondered: What does my Artist Soul truly yearn for?

Over three transformative weeks, immerse yourself in a blend of mixed-media techniques, guided creative exercises, profound discussions, and storytelling. Together, we'll reconnect, awaken, and liberate your Artist Soul, allowing it to express itself fully once more.



Intuitive Drawing with Soft Pastels
8 Hours of Video Content

For years, Connie Solera despised soft pastels. Then, amidst the upheaval of Covid, her perspective shifted, and she found herself captivated by their dusty allure. In Night Vision, Connie invites you to explore her favorite soft pastel techniques, allowing you to unwind and connect with your intuition on a deeper level.

Throughout Night Vision, you'll embark on a journey of  intuitive drawing, using soft pastels to craft an ethereal body of work that delves into your inner realms of dreams, memories, and intuition. Through Connie's intimate storytelling, together you'll ponder the question: How do I see in the darkness?



Intuitive Drawing with Oil Pastels
6 Hours of Video Content

There's nothing that Connie creates that doesn't have the mark of an oil pastel on it!  She has been using oil pastels since she was an itty-bitty and in Little Things she shares her life-long love affair with you.

In Little Things Connie shares with you her non-traditional approach to using oil pastels while grounding each lessons in practical techniques and theory that will transform the way you think about drawing and mixed-media art making.


PTF Mini-Workshop $58

A Mini-Workshop To Get You Started Painting In the Painting the Feminine Book
4.5 Hours of Video Content

Connie crafted the Painting the Feminine book with the intention for you to paint directly within its pages. However, the prospect of painting in an art book can feel daunting, even sacrilegious. That's precisely why Connie has designed a mini-workshop to assist you in taking those initial steps!

Please note that this mini-workshop does not include the book. You will need to purchase the book separately RIGHT HERE.